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(of assets) not easily converted into cash.
  1. 'Historically, property has had a low weighting because it is an illiquid asset.'
  2. 'Property is an extremely illiquid asset due to the long time and costs involved in selling a property.'
  3. 'With illiquid assets, exit can destroy the bulk of the firm's invested capital.'
  4. 'Both government and businesses seek to privatize former government-owned enterprises, which is made difficult by fragmented and illiquid markets for public stock ownership.'
  5. 'This market is particularly illiquid so when the bank spotted the losses and decided to close it out, they had to cover the spread and that increased the losses.'


1. not readily convertible into cash; not liquid.

More examples(as adjective)

"contracts can be illiquid at starts."

"stockmarkets can be illiquid in/at/on amounts."

"shares can be illiquid in places."

"papers can be illiquid over refusals."

"papers can be illiquid over lasts."

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