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Without limits or an end.
  1. 'The narrator claims that restraint is an all-or-nothing proposition for her: once she has forsaken that ‘simple rule of renunciation,’ she is under the sway of ‘the seductive guidance of illimitable wants’.'
  2. 'As Christian believers we face all the challenges of this life in Christ, that is, as joined to him and his illimitable resources.'
  3. 'On the other hand, because of its nature as an abyss, it's an illimitable source for the plagiarist.'
  4. 'These contributions were multiple: gold which raised the level of Spanish life, new agricultural products which brought health and pleasure, and a spacious new territory opened to all men like an illimitable promise.'
  5. 'In the second place, the weight of tradition both before and after Boethius strongly favors interpreting illimitable life as involving infinite duration, beginningless as well as endless.'
  6. 'But instead, like a slender young woman, the island will enlarge as it ages, expanded by illimitable multitudes of tiny organisms beneath the water's surface, carrying on their lives, and dying.'
  7. 'We are harnessing the giant electricity and his powers of endurance, resource and adaptability, seen at present illimitable.'
  8. 'What more can we ask for in a world of pollution, violence, and seemingly illimitable greed and carelessness?'
  9. 'The occupation is often full of interest; and he who attempts it for the first time is astonished by the apparently illimitable distance and incoherence between the starting-point and the goal.'
  10. '‘This institution,’ he wrote, ‘will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind.’'


1. not limitable; limitless; boundless.

More examples(as adjective)

"features can be illimitable."

"bazaars can be illimitable."