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Destined to fail or have bad luck.
  1. 'Meanwhile, his ill-fated final voyage was a sign that England was not yet ready for the big leagues.'
  2. 'Was it an ill-fated adventure from the start, or has Scotland's summer tour of New Zealand actually been a roaring success?'
  3. 'Ten days later the ill-fated invasion took place at the Bay of Pigs and Tad's byline was on the front page.'
  4. 'And his story of this ill-fated expedition in search of the inland sea is called Bright Planet.'
  5. 'As recovery teams search for parts of the ill-fated plane, families of the victims grieved.'
  6. 'After the ill-fated attempt to drag it to Stonehenge, the notorious bluestone has finally reached its new home on the back of a lorry.'
  7. 'In 1956 he moved to South Africa to what was to be an ill-fated attempt at studying medicine in Cape Town.'
  8. 'He said the four doors of the ill-fated coach were bolted though he could not say whether they were closed from inside or outside.'
  9. 'Several of his films were shot in the US, including the ill-fated Hammett and the acclaimed Paris, Texas.'
  10. 'After a ten-hour coach trip, they found accommodation, dropped off their bags and began to relax on the ill-fated beach.'


1. destined, as though by fate, to an unhappy or unfortunate end: an ill-fated voyage.

2. bringing bad fortune.

More examples(as adjective)

"moves can be illfated."