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The holm oak.
  1. 'It is made from the dried, pulverized bodies of a scale insect, Coccus ilicis, which is a parasite on an ilex oak, the kermes oak.'
  2. 'Then later on, with perhaps ten miles behind you, Paco and Pajarito will be there beneath the ilex trees with a couple of large cold boxes.'
A tree or shrub of a genus that includes holly and its relatives.
  1. 'They walked together in Maximus's garden, down white colonnades, around marble ponds fringed with mosaic, through a complex of rose-beds, past ornamental balconies and sculptured ilexes.'
  2. 'Then add a single tall stem of red ilex berries for the final touch.'

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1. holm oak.

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"squids can be ilex."


(ilex)Late Middle English: from Latin, ‘holm oak’.