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The action of setting something on fire or starting to burn.
  1. 'Our descent into hell was caused by a bolt of lightening striking, with unerring accuracy, a vessel which contained a chemical that doesn't get on well with sources of ignition.'
  2. 'The cast-iron grate can hold 18 burgers, and one-touch ignition makes lighting the fire a cinch.'
  3. 'The ESU is the most frequent ignition source for surgical fires.'
  4. 'She activated something in her high heels and with a sudden ignition of fire from her actual heels, gently floated to the lonely and flooded street.'
  5. 'Sometimes, if the device fails to ignite first time, the tendency is to go back to check the fuse and then delayed ignition occurs which can cause injury to any part of the body.'
  6. 'Normally the risk of ignition is low, but fires may result if the temperature of the wires is initially set too high or if the wires are short-circuited in use.'
  7. 'Fires were simple, so beautifully destructive, and yet so easy to get away with due to the lag time between ignition and full-blown flames.'
  8. 'Any combustible material burns more rapidly when heated before ignition.'
  9. 'At this stage we are treating it as suspected deliberate ignition.'
  10. 'Keep away from sources of ignition and direct sunlight.'
  11. 'Early ignition or runaway pre-ignition causes higher combustion chamber temperatures that can wreck the engine.'
  12. 'In the early 70's came electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection.'
  13. 'The SP Howitzer shall have a laser ignition system that shall provide for a minimum of 30 ignitions without replenishment of the ignition source.'
  14. 'This design of the flash reducer precludes ignition of the rocket motor for RAP.'
  15. 'Combustion cycle doesn't stop at the compression stage wherein the air and fuel mixture is prepared for ignition.'
  16. 'The newer fast ignition technique involves a two-part process of compression followed by ignition with a fast-heating pulse.'
  17. 'Dodd makes two more trips to the Oldsmobile, first to turn off the car's ignition, then to unsuccessfully pull Dawson's left hand from under his leg.'
  18. 'He switched off the ignition and jumped from the car in one fluid motion.'
  19. 'The victim took his keys from his car ignition and, after a short struggle, ran away with his keys in his hand.'
  20. 'Mr Wright told the court the group found the Maestro abandoned on some waste land near Wortley school with its ignition already damaged from being ‘hot wired’.'
  21. 'Pitching the protesting owner onto the dock, he switched the ignition on.'
  22. 'He switched off the ignition and looked closely at Sai.'
  23. 'Cat switched off the ignition and hopped out of the truck.'
  24. 'When the couple got up the next morning they found the scooter flung on their lawn, its ignition ripped out, its battery damaged, and the seat vandalised.'
  25. 'After switching off the ignition, she climbed out.'
  26. 'Buffy switched off the ignition and leaned forward, resting her forehead on the steering wheel.'

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1. the act or fact of igniting; state of being ignited.

2. a means or device for igniting.

3. (in an internal-combustion engine) the process that ignites the fuel in the cylinder.

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"voltages can be ignition."


Early 17th century (denoting the heating of a substance to the point of combustion or chemical change): from medieval Latin ignitio(n-), from the verb ignire ‘set on fire’ (see ignite).