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Catch fire or cause to catch fire.
  1. with object 'he lit a cigarette which ignited the petrol fumes'
  2. 'The wet weather put the dampeners on most of the grass fires that ignite during the usually drier summer months.'
  3. 'A missile ignited a fire that burned for three days and claimed 132 lives.'
  4. 'The fire, believed to have started when a cigarette ignited petrol, began in the shed behind the home of the Maxwell family in the Poleglass district of the city.'
  5. 'The fire was ignited by pyrotechnics set off as the heavy metal band Great White began their set.'
  6. 'While it may not be possible to predict when fires are going to ignite, it certainly is possible to work out remedial measures such as replacing old plant machinery.'
  7. 'In another incident the poor air circulation prevented the smoke alarm from going off when a small fire ignited.'
  8. 'Then the jeep exploded, sending a wave of flame and debris ripping through the front of the hotel and igniting a fire that destroyed most of the building within an hour.'
  9. 'The gas inside the fuel lines caught on fire, and then ignited all the gas in the gas tank in one large explosion.'
  10. 'Most fires ignite between November and February, Stevens said.'
  11. 'A plant reactor exploded during a failed cooling system test, igniting a massive fire that burned for ten days.'
  12. 'She took me around the world when I was very young and ignited that fire in me.'
  13. 'He would be the spark which would ignite their oppressed fury.'
  14. 'These critics have rightly emphasized Tourgee's influence on Chesnutt's career as a writer, as one of the sparks which ignited his literary aspirations.'
  15. 'The rebellion in him was ignited when at the instigation of a money lender, his father was murdered.'
  16. 'That achievement, however tentative and imperfect, would ignite mounting aspirations for democratization from Iran to Morocco.'
  17. 'The listing of this bird as endangered ignited emotions across the southwest.'
  18. 'This is the source of the play's farcical energy, the spark that ignites its passion and its black comedy.'
  19. 'This was the spark that ignited the discontent aroused by the eradication of coca fields, following Washington's guidelines.'
  20. 'That gesture contained plenty of fuel for those who want to hate the United States, and also enough spark to ignite new hatreds, no doubt.'
  21. 'They complement each other perfectly, but neither failed to ignite in me anything more than the recognition that the vibe had suddenly changed.'

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1. to set on fire; kindle.

2. Chemistry. to heat intensely; roast. verb (used without object), ignited, igniting.

3. to take fire; begin to burn.

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"passions can be ignited."

"demands can be ignited."

"angers can be ignited."

"biddings can be ignited."

"sales can be ignited."

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(ignite)Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘make intensely hot’): from Latin ignire ‘set on fire’, from ignis ‘fire’.