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(of rock) having solidified from lava or magma.
  1. 'Below the lowest sheet of largely coherent mafic igneous rocks is the Phyllite-Quartzite Group, a sequence of turbidites and black mudrocks.'
  2. 'The occurrence of these felsic extrusive igneous rocks potentially provides key information on the complex interplay of magmatism and tectonics.'
  3. 'igneous activity'
  4. 'The layering in these ultramafic rocks, and their position above mantle tectonites, is attributed to lower crustal igneous processes.'
  5. 'On Macquarie Island there's very similar kind of geology, as I'm sure Rick has described; we have mantle rocks and evidence of punctuated deformation events in igneous activity.'
  6. 'It is an igneous or fiery aura, not indeed in the open act of combustion, but composed of the finest and most minute particles of a peculiar species of elementary fire.'


1. Geology. produced under conditions involving intense heat, as rocks of volcanic origin or rocks crystallized from molten magma.

2. of, relating to, or characteristic of fire.

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"rocks can be igneous."

"intrusions can be igneous."

"activities can be igneous."

"complexes can be igneous."

"petrologies can be igneous."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin igneus (from ignis ‘fire’) + -ous.