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A dome-shaped Eskimo house, typically built from blocks of solid snow.
  1. 'Then he and his wife shovel snow from the igloo's entrance and wriggle inside.'
  2. 'There could have been a set comprising of totems, carvings, teepees, long houses, or igloos.'
  3. 'Played out in peat lodges and ceremonial igloos the Inuit games involved contorting bodies, jumping, kicking and various arm-pulling trials of strength.'
  4. 'They learnt how to keep it for quite a long time by building ice houses, with a dome, which looked like igloos.'
  5. 'One was a film about Eskimos building an igloo, which was pretty lousy, because there was a ponderous commentary which tried to tell you that Eskimos live in igloos.'
  6. 'We could not stop thinking of all the supplies on the other sled, warm caribou skins, a snow knife for making an igloo, fuel for the stove, and other survival gear.'
  7. 'In addition, unexpected storms have left hunting parties stranded, and harder packed snow due to recent wind changes makes it more difficult to build igloos for shelter.'
  8. 'Temporary snow houses were also used, though the legendary igloo was a structure used more by Canadian Inuit.'
  9. 'I think his dream home would have been an igloo in northern Nunavat.'
  10. 'Consider the Inuit, otherwise known as Eskimos, sitting in their igloos or caribou hide tents.'

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1. an Eskimo house, being a dome-shaped hut usually built of blocks of hard snow.

2. Informal. any dome-shaped construction thought to resemble an igloo: immense silos topped with steel igloos.

3. Military. a dome-shaped building for the storage of rockets or other munitions.

4. an excavation made by a seal in the snow over its breathing hole in the ice.

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"tents can be igloo."


Mid 19th century: from Inuit iglu ‘house’.