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Full of uncertainty; doubtful.
  1. 'As we look at live pictures now from the Kennedy Space Center, it's not the faulty fuel sensor inspiring those iffy conditions.'
  2. 'There's just so many people there that to expect to stay and grow, it's kind of, you know, iffy.'
  3. 'He said: ‘It has been a bit of an iffy start but we are turning things around now.’'
  4. 'Next week is iffy but I will write - in fact I'm looking forward to it - and post a monster entry first chance I get.'
  5. 'At 100 miles an hour the combination of iffy aerodynamics and drivetrain shake caused those stubby little windshield wipers to chatter on the glass like drumsticks.'
  6. 'The steering winds right now are very, very light, and so it's still a little bit iffy exactly where this should be headed.'
  7. 'And personally, I think the theory he seems to prefer now is a little… well, iffy.'
  8. 'Transportation seems to be an iffy business; railroads as an industry never made a dime for their owners.'
  9. 'If you drive through these landscapes, getting radio reception can sometimes be iffy at best, especially in the rural West.'
  10. 'And getting reimbursement from our homeowners insurance company looks iffy at best.'
  11. 'a good wine merchant will change the iffy bottles for sound ones'
  12. '‘Dave’ would have more cause to be worried by claims he was once a member of the iffy Young Conservatives gang, and had been addicted to corporal punishment.'
  13. 'Someone wants a Zima, and I might think it's kind of an iffy drink, but - you know what?'
  14. 'Some are sound, some are iffy, and some are downright worthless.'
  15. 'And he was always seen as iffy, as far as the system was concerned, but they put up with him because he was such a supreme chess player.'
  16. 'This single change has alone transformed an iffy stab at rethinking Bizet into a colourful triumph which deserves to stick around for years.'
  17. 'A solid sophomore entry for a band born out of intensity, Sparta have made an iffy decision in veering off into a lighter direction.'
  18. 'It was the filling that was iffy, redolent of garlic powder, full of that horrid bean salad that comes in cans and contains suspicious bits of red and green material that might once have been a pepper.'
  19. 'The lyrics are a bit iffy here but with riffs dripping with this much heaviosity, who gives a toss what this guy's singing about?'
  20. 'The Jeep, meanwhile, is not only very strange-looking, but also has iffy build quality.'
  21. 'So Colvert's results look a little iffy in retrospect.'


1. full of unresolved points or questions: an iffy situation.

2. doubtful; questionable: An early decision on this is iffy.

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"people can be iffy on timings."

"vegetables can be iffy at times."

"people can be iffy."

"everyones can be iffy."

"vegetables can be iffy."

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1930s (originally US): from if + f + -y.