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Admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively.
  1. 'Some religions have several Gods, demi-Gods or deities, but they are also idolized or venerated by their followers.'
  2. 'The calf took food from Papa and me but she clearly idolized Mother as the savior who brought the bottle.'
  3. 'She idolises her artist mother, Ingrid, who is as strong and dangerous as she is beautiful.'
  4. 'He is a sprawling maverick with a gravel-slide voice and bluesy guitar copied by Eric Clapton, idolised by Phil Collins and revered for his gruff love ballads.'
  5. 'Pre-pubescent boys love her, screaming little girls idolise her, 20 somethings want to be her and old men look at her and wish they were forty years younger.'
  6. 'Jeff, who idolizes his mother, insists on emulating the conservative upbringing of his youth.'
  7. 'These are helping people to find mates identifying and uniting against enemies venerating or idolising a figure, institution or ideology.'
  8. 'In my early teens my friends and I simply adored and idolised the fabulous 1958 Bolton Wanderers FA Cup winning team, of which Ray was inside left.'
  9. 'Oscie's relationship with her mother has shifted from idolizing her to taking care of her.'
  10. 'She was a keen music fan who loved pop music and idolised Justin Timberlake.'

More definitions

1. to regard with blind adoration, devotion, etc.

2. to worship as a god. verb (used without object), idolized, idolizing.

3. to practice idolatry: to idolize as did ancient Greece and Rome.

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"people can be idolized."