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An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.
  1. 'A good literary critic is not a political ideologue or policy wonk.'
  2. 'Figuratively speaking, that would also be the well-deserved fate of America's Jacobin ideologues.'
  3. 'He provides a forensic analysis of US foreign policy through the speeches and texts of its own ideologues.'
  4. 'The hardcore ideologues of zero government are trumpeting the recall as a new populist revolution.'
  5. 'These extremist ideologues abhor the very idea of a government program that works.'
  6. 'The years of perestroika witnessed the transformation of Izvestia into the leading ideologue of capitalist reforms.'
  7. 'New Labour ideologues and their supporters want us to believe that youth crime is something new and particularly menacing.'
  8. 'There has always been a group among the ideologues that believed in a first strike and a winnable nuclear war.'
  9. 'The editor was not an uncompromising ideologue attempting to turn back the clock.'
  10. 'Theodore Roosevelt was an heir, and an ideologue, of the defeated Confederacy.'

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1. a person who zealously advocates an ideology.

More examples(as adjective)

"yops can be ideologue."

"aides can be ideologue."

"intellectuals can be ideologue."

"defects can be ideologue."


Early 19th century: from French idéologue; see also ideology.