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The action or process of identifying someone or something or the fact of being identified.
  1. count noun 'it may be impossible for relatives to make positive identifications'
  2. 'They act openly and brazenly in the belief that Gardai will have difficulty in making any positive identification.'
  3. 'You need someone who has the actual expertise to confirm positive identification.'
  4. 'They must have a high preservation potential, be relatively common, and also be distinctive so that accurate identification is possible.'
  5. 'Well, the whole process of identification actually takes place a few steps before DNA testing.'
  6. 'According to both O'Brien and Kieswetter, the recruiting process begins with player identification.'
  7. 'Keith Morris is happy with the news of the positive identification, though he won't relax until the divers complete their final dive in safety.'
  8. 'That information included a unique biometric form of identification: a fingerprint.'
  9. 'These cultures often take up to six weeks for positive identification.'
  10. 'Schools don't teach the names of trees or identification of birds and frogs.'
  11. 'The identification of suspects by name provides a huge area for obfuscation.'
  12. 'Failure to present the required identification may disqualify you from the assessment process.'
  13. 'I was asked to turn in my gun and my badge and my RCMP identification.'
  14. 'They will have to bring with them some other federally approved form of identification, like a passport.'
  15. 'Since she could not produce any temporary resident permit or personal identification, the two were brought back to the station.'
  16. 'When he reached her she was with the man and when he asked if the handbag was theirs and for identification to prove it they handed it over.'
  17. 'All collectors will carry appropriate identification and official receipts will be provided.'
  18. 'They will be asked to bring identification to prove they are the rightful owners before it is returned.'
  19. 'Because he lacks any official identification, he has been denied political asylum and barred from leaving the jail.'
  20. 'If you have no identification proving your medical qualification your assistance will probably be declined.'
  21. 'The fact is that asylum seekers already have to carry identification and have their fingerprints taken.'
A person's sense of identity with someone or something.
  1. 'Possibly this would add a sense of discomfort, and possibly an identification with imprisonment.'
  2. 'In a final duet, with post-gypsy band Dress, they build towards an erotic identification with their audience.'
  3. 'What always came through in Cash's music and life was his identification with and compassion for the underdog.'
  4. 'From the folk culture, adolescents receive a world view and an identification with a unique cultural system.'
  5. 'The populist side of me is very much about my identification with the culture of a newsroom.'
  6. 'At the heart of this process of identification was the assumption that Europeans had a right to label non-Europeans.'
  7. 'A wedding ring and government paper equally represent social identification.'
  8. 'Part of the lure of going to the cinema is not only the pleasure of looking but also the processes of identification that this allows.'
  9. 'Their lifelong identification with the working class was forged during these years.'
  10. 'Boys, however, must break with their primary identification with their mothers in order to become male identified.'
The association or linking of one thing with another.
  1. 'But its inherent limitations meant that it could never fully escape from its identification with victimhood.'
  2. 'It also facilitated the identification of the church and of various church associations with the National Revolution.'

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1. an act or instance of identifying; the state of being identified.

2. something that identifies a person, animal, or thing: He carries identification with him at all times.

3. Sociology. acceptance as one's own of the values and interests of a social group.

4. Psychology. a process by which one ascribes to oneself the qualities or characteristics of another person. (in psychoanalytic theory) the transference or reaction to one person with the feelings or responses relevant to anoth

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"systems can be identifications."


(identification)Mid 17th century: originally from medieval Latin identificat- ‘identified’, from the verb identificare; later from identify.