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Similar in every detail; exactly alike.
  1. 'the passage on the second floor was identical to the one below'
  2. 'The scam is almost identical to one three years ago when a group of South Africans trying to con another Asian entrepreneur were caught in a police sting.'
  3. 'To the untrained ear, the Wagnerian clarinet sounds almost identical to its more modern cousin.'
  4. 'Some of the ‘actors’ live lives identical to the parts they play in the movie.'
  5. 'After the exam I was handed off to the saleslady; we found frames identical to my present set.'
  6. 'It was otherwise identical to the other Pizza Express restaurants in every detail.'
  7. 'They found it in several Impressionist paintings in which some of the main visual themes were identical to myopic vision.'
  8. 'And in this film, more than any before it, the generated people look almost identical to the real thing.'
  9. 'As with the prints in the palm of human beings, which varies from person to person, no cobra is identical to another, he said.'
  10. 'According to Emily's father, Ross looks almost identical to his porcelain-complexioned daughter.'
  11. 'The new towns today are not identical to the blueprints that birthed them.'
  12. 'If one of a pair of identical twins develops leukaemia, in one out of four cases the other will also do so, within weeks or months.'
  13. 'Even identical twins do not have exactly the same interests or personality.'
  14. 'The shared genetic identity of identical twins does not mean two persons who are simply clones of one another.'
  15. 'Just as identical twins are unique people, not the same person split in two.'
  16. 'In his place now stands Cary, Grant's identical twin brother plus an extra hundred pounds.'
  17. 'Since they are identical twins, they have to be the same sex, so twin 1 might be John Smith and twin 2 might be James Smith.'
  18. 'Born as identical twins in Wales, they grew up in the UK with a mother with major mental illness and a shared history of abuse.'
  19. 'Studies of identical twins suggest that your baseline metabolism is determined at birth.'
  20. 'Siamese twins are identical twins who develop with a single placenta from a single zygote.'
  21. 'It is not for nothing that the fingerprints of identical twins are not identical.'
  22. 'The solicitor should not be exposed to two separate actions for the identical loss.'
Expressing an identity.
  1. 'Two sets are said to be identical when for each element of the one set an identical element of the other set can be given.'


1. similar or alike in every way: The two cars are identical except for their license plates.

2. being the very same; selfsame: This is the identical room we stayed in last year.

3. agreeing exactly: identical opinions.

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"wordings can be identical to laws."

"rises can be identical to estimates."

"results can be identical to surveys."

"stands can be identical on demands."

"people can be identical to people."

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Late 16th century (in identical (sense 2)): from medieval Latin identicus, from late Latin identitas (see identity).