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Regard or represent as perfect or better than in reality.
  1. 'Moral values at the national level are idealized family values projected onto the nation.'
  2. 'They created idealized hierarchies that favored their own group over others.'
  3. 'The competitive environment, idealized in perfect competition, represents the most efficient structure.'
  4. 'Naturalism was one aspect of the wider artifice that expressed the known and unknown world through enhanced, idealized reality.'
  5. 'Even the weather is idealized in consistently sunny, warm conditions, unlike typical mountain weather.'
  6. 'Of course we do think first of the King, the magnificent monarch of a glorified or idealized medieval realm.'
  7. 'So, growing up, I knew that the Hollywood depiction of Indian life was rather idealized.'
  8. 'Yet the villagers are not idealized, but portrayed with all their faults and petty hostilities.'
  9. 'It seems that many people living in the West still live in the simple, polarized westerns of their simpler, more idealized childhoods.'
  10. 'Continuing to measure idealized final outcomes will not enable us to answer these questions.'

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1. to make ideal; represent in an ideal form or character; exalt to an ideal perfection or excellence. verb (used without object), idealized, idealizing.

2. to represent something in an ideal form.

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"efforts can be idealised."

"versions can be idealised."

"portaits can be idealised."

"extremes can be idealised."

"alternatives can be idealised."

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