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Satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable.
  1. 'this is an ideal opportunity to save money'
  2. 'The completed homes would be ideal for first time buyers and those interested in investing in a weekend retreat.'
  3. 'The concept appears ideal for the wide variety of actions that an expeditionary US military force may face in the twenty-first century.'
  4. 'Light and easy to wear, this beachwear classic is ideal for perfecting that all-over-tan.'
  5. 'Otherwise, the concept was ideal for providing theatre experience for young actors.'
  6. 'Gun positions that are ideal for range and coverage might not be suitable because of intervening features and masking fire.'
  7. 'The black and white colour combination is classic but ideal for the younger lady for it is the colour to be seen in this, and every other, season.'
  8. 'As a director you want to put on great plays to attract great actors and Mr Pinter is absolutely ideal for that.'
  9. 'The classic alien-spacecraft shape turned out to be ideal for an airship developed to photograph hard-to-reach corners of big buildings.'
  10. 'I was 18 years old at the time I met Rick, and my petite frame seemed ideal for modeling.'
  11. 'This 14 oz steak, complete with mussels, squid and the like, is ideal for those who can't decide.'
Existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality.
  1. 'In reality, this ideal comparison group does not exist.'
  2. 'In an ideal world we can fantasise about replicating the idyllic childhoods of the past, but the horrible truth is that we can no longer afford that fantasy.'
  3. 'Even in its most radical form, the politics of representation always presupposes an abstract or ideal state that would act as guarantor of its chosen representations.'
  4. 'Those stories, I never enjoyed them as much as she presumed - it was too ideal to be a reality.'
  5. 'For a poet content to dwell in the gap between an inner and outer reality and between ideal and real worlds, nostalgia for the past must not monopolize one's identity.'
  6. 'The sentimental and emotional atmosphere captivated them and induced them to seek in death an ideal dream world, transcending reality.'
  7. 'mathematical modelling can determine theoretically ideal conditions'
  8. 'These four conditions represent an ideal scenario in which all gains from trade are found and captured by people looking for opportunities to trade.'
  9. 'With the high tides matching early and late fishing times it was ideal conditions for anglers to try out for the prizes up for grabs in the Greenback Fishing Comp at Cabarita over the long weekend.'
  10. 'India, we are told, has ideal conditions for manufacturing and selling small urban electric vehicles, unlike most developed countries.'
  11. 'That represents an ideal start to the Gunners' campaign.'
  12. 'In front of a good attendance at this fine facility, conditions were ideal and the pitch and markings and the beautiful spring morning added to the occasion for everyone.'
  13. 'Connell said children should not be allowed outside on days such as Wednesday, because anything less than ideal conditions could affect their health.'
  14. 'We have simulated how often under ideal circumstances this is likely to happen.'
  15. 'Woodstown Harriers hold their annual Hunter Trials in Portlaw on Sunday last in ideal conditions and it was a most enjoyable an successful day with the events run off very smoothly.'
  16. 'The Tweed is once again producing prodigious numbers of fish, thanks in no small measure to frequent rises in river level over the last few months providing often ideal conditions.'
  17. 'That's what you'd get, under ideal conditions, at about 200 feet from the transmitting antenna of a signal that's legal under Part 15.'


A person or thing regarded as perfect.
  1. 'Everyone thought of him as the perfect ideal of the American citizen.'
  2. 'In the mind's ear, one has an ideal of the perfect performance of a piece.'
  3. 'tolerance and freedom, the liberal ideals'
  4. 'Otherwise, collective security remained more an ideal than a reality as the twentieth century ended.'
  5. 'Or perhaps the nuclear family has always been more of an ideal than a reality.'
  6. 'Sure, the ideal would be perfect control of documents as they get passed around and changed.'
  7. 'Mere arguments about ‘sustainable use’ may be more of a utopian ideal than a possible reality.'
  8. 'Ms Toynbee works on that fantastic assumption underlying the ideal of universal education, that everyone can be and wants to be and therefore should be educated.'
  9. 'By adding project extranet capabilities to the core CAD applications, the company has helped make that ideal a working reality for many firms.'
  10. 'It must be remembered that as a profession, we have the highest ideals and standards to uphold.'
  11. 'These are no longer simply liberal ideals; they are essential weapons in the war on neo-terror.'
  12. 'Democrats like to blather interminably about democracy, which presumably represents their ideal.'
  13. 'Yet they all fought for the same sort of ideals and principles as those in the International Brigades.'


1. a conception of something in its perfection.

2. a standard of perfection or excellence.

3. a person or thing conceived as embodying such a conception or conforming to such a standard, and taken as a model for imitation: Thomas Jefferson was his ideal.

4. an ultimate object or aim of endeavor, especially one of high or noble character: He refuses to compromise any of his ideals.

5. something that exists only in the imagination: To achieve the ideal is almost hopeless.

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"playings can be ideal for computers."

"people can be ideal for things."

"techniques can be ideal for things."

"waterlilieses can be ideal of waters."

"people can be ideal for people."

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Late Middle English (as a term in Platonic philosophy, in the sense ‘existing as an archetype’): from late Latin idealis, from Latin idea (see idea).