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Covered with or consisting of ice.
  1. 'The number of accidents also fell, despite the icy conditions.'
  2. 'A gritting lorry's windscreen was smashed by a snowball containing a stone as it was clearing icy streets on the Bell Farm estate.'
  3. 'He died April 17 from brain injuries suffered in a fall on an icy Manhattan sidewalk.'
  4. 'A pensioner told today how he lost a thumb when he crashed on an icy road - and said better gritting might have prevented his accident.'
  5. 'I too used to live at the top of a steep hill and ran a Daihatsu Sportrak off-roader, which was absolutely fine in snow and icy conditions.'
  6. 'It is a game for boys and girls who assemble on neighborhood frozen ponds next to icy rural roads.'
  7. 'Heavy frost set in, making already icy conditions even more hazardous.'
  8. 'This was the dramatic moment when an injured walker from the York area was winched from an icy mountainside by an RAF helicopter.'
  9. 'Are there outside steps that are slippery when wet or icy and dangerous in the winter?'
  10. 'The sleet stung our faces and made the rigging icy and slippery, the yards were swaying back and forth with the roll of the ship.'
  11. 'an icy wind'
  12. 'Expect a riveting two hours tonight and tomorrow from 7.30 pm, as icy as the coldest Keighley weather.'
  13. 'The Arctic weather had been expected to arrive in Scotland yesterday, before taking an icy grip on the rest of the country this morning.'
  14. 'The weather began to turn colder and colder as the icy winds swept the land.'
  15. 'I shivered in the cold wind since my sweater was now soaking wet with icy cold water.'
  16. 'And over that time, at least 10 people have fallen from it, into the icy waters below.'
  17. 'Once I could pry my icy fingers off the bagel I was eating, I shut the door.'
  18. 'The stories about the nice weather, up to 24C, made the switch from icy Michigan very easy.'
  19. 'Until March, indoor football is the only game in icy Budapest.'
  20. 'By the end he was ‘feeling no pain’ and as the liner slipped beneath the waves, he just stepped off into the icy waters.'
  21. 'As he turned away she felt a chill, like an icy wind blew through her soul.'
  22. 'A few weeks on, his genial countenance has frozen into icy indifference.'
  23. 'The red bandanna covered the rider's face concealing all but his icy emotionless eyes.'
  24. 'She's got a wonderful icy beauty - although she's not an icy person - but in the film it works, this cold beauty.'
  25. 'Gillian's character, Lady Dedlock, is a society beauty and on the surface appears icy cool.'
  26. 'The icy Marion slowly comes into sharper focus as we also learn the true horror of what really happened in the accident that took her sons' lives.'
  27. 'Wilson and Meaker both depict her as icy, needy and eager to belittle Highsmith.'
  28. 'The cub shivered and stood up, closing his icy eyes to the unwelcome sunlight.'
  29. 'The Nephyl looked around in icy disdain at the soldiers resting underneath dark trees.'
  30. 'Tiekkyra covered her up and sent an icy glare at the speaker.'
  31. 'While some might be disturbed by the icy stare of their future meal, I found it reassuring to see the fresh selections.'
  32. 'Her power game and icy cool attitude set her apart from her peers.'


1. made of, full of, or covered with ice: icy roads.

2. resembling ice.

3. cold: icy winds.

4. without warmth of feeling; coldly unfriendly; frigid: an icy stare.

More examples(as adjective)

"courses can be icy in parts."

"tones can be icy as outsides."

"tones can be icy as glaciers."

"relations can be icy in years."

"people can be icy in parts."

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