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Relating to or of the nature of an icon.
  1. 'You must be aware that you are an iconic figure in American letters.'
  2. 'The elusive unique selling point would also provide the city with an iconic image that would be used to brand Southampton for visitors.'
  3. 'And the famous shopfront cover design has disappointingly been replaced with something less iconic.'
  4. 'Paradoxically, though, it is difficult to envisage a fully iconic sign.'
  5. 'Chapman's life has been threatened many times for killing one of pop music's most iconic figures.'
  6. 'Many of the photographs published by Life have become iconic in American history.'
  7. 'Architects' drawings of a huge, iconic building, featuring a turf roof planted with herbs, are due to be released today.'
  8. 'Where is the iconic building of the 20th century in the Lake District?'
  9. 'The show's stars have similarly been elevated to iconic status.'
  10. 'Martin Luther King Jr. and Che Guevara had achieved the iconic status of martyrs by this date.'
(of a classical Greek statue) depicting a victorious athlete in a conventional style.
  1. 'According to Pliny, these received 'iconic' statues in which 'the likeness was fashioned from the limbs of the athletes themselves'.'


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of an icon.

2. Art. (of statues, portraits, etc.) executed according to a convention or tradition.

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"images can be iconic."

"statuses can be iconic."

"signs can be iconic."

"representations can be iconic."

"properties can be iconic."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin iconicus, from Greek eikonikos, from eikōn ‘likeness, image’.