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Unpleasantly sticky.
  1. 'She was covered from head to foot with icky brown mud and her hair was sticking up on all ends.'
  2. 'the kids were eating something icky'
  3. 'Boys are so icky but also strangely interesting to me.'
  4. 'Yes, inside, we are all disgusting, we all have icky pulsing organs, kilometres of revolting intestine, goo-dispensing glands, and all the other horrible bits and pieces God saw fit to stock us with.'
  5. 'Maybe after you find out my blood is ‘way too sticky’ or ‘full of icky crud’ you can use a flashlight to shoot photons through my life systems.'
  6. 'Constantly, I desired to bury that icky nasty no-good feeling.'
  7. 'Why couldn't it be like the good old days where I thought boys were icky and all that jazz?'
  8. 'It's hard to ascribe the more extreme hatred directed toward her as anything besides, at best, bitterness, and at worst something much more icky.'
  9. 'Both the front and rear speakers are engaged constantly and consistently - there are enough icky, gooey effects to satisfy even the most discerning horror fan.'
  10. 'I don't think it's icky at all, it's a human being.'
  11. 'It should be icky and yucky, but actually it's got bags of fun and loads of laughs, with a very cutely judged moment of pathos as Stuart has to drive home from school on his own in his little roadster, because no human kid wants to play with him.'
  12. 'In between the papillae are grooves where food and bacteria can collect, turning your tongue white and your breath icky (bleck).'
  13. 'Damn I need to stay away from mom, between her and Kristen reading me passages out of her mushy icky, teen romance novels.'
  14. 'The genre was known for its urbane disinclination to perform any icky operations involving hearts: pouring them out, for instance, or affixing them to sleeves.'
  15. 'She smiled a sticky, icky, saccharine smile at us and pulled out the pencil from her ear.'


1. repulsive or distasteful.

2. excessively sweet or sentimental.

3. unsophisticated or old-fashioned.

4. sticky; viscid.

More examples(as adjective)

"sentiments can be icky."

"fascinations can be icky."


1930s: perhaps related to sick or to the child's word ickle.