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(of a drink or other liquid) cooled in or containing pieces of ice.
  1. 'Some coffees - particularly the frozen or sweetened iced drinks - can pack a powerful caloric punch.'
  2. 'Davey noticed how the big guy was only drinking iced water.'
  3. 'Jade stuck her tongue out at her and went back to drinking her iced coffee.'
  4. 'End off with an iced drink or hot cocoa or hot cider depending on the season.'
  5. 'When the cubes are al dente, chill immediately in iced water.'
  6. 'Bottles of green tea, cooled in chests of iced water, are among the refreshing drinks available.'
  7. 'Everybody else stayed on the belvedere, sipping iced drinks.'
  8. 'I even got another iced coffee, one of many during the trip.'
  9. 'For some time, the patient has been living off junk food, in particular pizza with cold iced drinks.'
  10. 'Have a drink of cool or iced water if you are flushed, it may help to settle it down.'
  11. 'Campari and soda in a tall, iced glass'
  12. 'Knees got iced, thighs got iced, necks got iced, and whole bodies got dunked in freezing baths.'
  13. 'Served in a chilled, or iced glass this is a beer which not only flirts with perfection but goes on to consummate the relationship.'
  14. 'The golf course was a forested winter wonderland of white with iced sugar trees and woods on all sides.'
(of a cake or biscuit) decorated with icing.
  1. 'The door closed behind her as she went back inside the house, which was iced like a cake from the winter frost.'
  2. 'He picked up an iced bun from the silver stand on the counter.'
  3. 'Keep the project really simple by purchasing large heart-shaped iced cookies, or you can bake your own.'
  4. 'The family cook runs out of mincemeat, the cake is not iced yet and the tree is still to be decorated.'
  5. 'Uncle Sam arrives in good time: The marquee is up, Uncle Sam's arrived, and the cake is iced.'
  6. 'As I walked down the street of her house, lost in my thoughts of iced cake and fine tea, I bumped into a young woman.'
  7. 'Spread Royal Icing on the flat side of each of two disks; push iced sides together to form a roughly spherical shape.'
  8. 'They all celebrated his success after the race and presented him with a specially iced cake.'


1. covered with ice.

2. cooled by means of ice: iced tea.

3. Cookery. covered with icing.

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"waters can be iced."

"teas can be iced."

"cakes can be iced."

"yogurts can be iced."

"coffees can be iced."

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