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Relating to or producing hypnosis.
  1. 'The deep relaxation of a hypnotic trance is also broadly beneficial as many illnesses are aggravated by anxiety and muscle tension.'
  2. 'After receiving hypnotic psychotherapy, she remembered falling off a bicycle when riding down a slope about 10 years earlier.'
  3. 'She maintains that hypnotic subjects are asked basically to take on ‘what really amounts to a parody of epileptic symptoms.’'
  4. 'At times, we would simply drift along the coral wall and go into a dreamy hypnotic state in the calm of the deep blue sea.'
  5. 'A small number of people who go into a very deep hypnotic state experience spontaneous amnesia.'
  6. 'That means that the eye roll accounts for very little of the subject's hypnotic behavior.'
  7. '‘Remember Me’ contains one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time and ‘Fear Of Drowning’ is wonderfully hypnotic.'
  8. 'The thing about that record is that it has some kind of hypnotic appeal.'
  9. 'What's bewitching, even hypnotic, about fly-fishing is the cast.'
  10. 'His voice may not be as pure as it once was, nor soar quite so magnificently, but it is still wonderfully hypnotic.'
  11. 'Given the movie's form and content, Stardom is equally driven by the writer/director's fascination with television's hypnotic power.'
  12. 'Guitar and bass driven repetitions have the hypnotic seduction of Stereolab at their best.'
  13. 'Her sisters had been praised and admired and stared at all their lives for their spellbinding, hypnotic electric-blue eyes.'
  14. 'Ehko couldn't help but stare, it was hypnotic, this strange beautiful creature just totally absorbed in licking a spoon.'
  15. 'This compilation sounds like nothing else and proves to be strangely hypnotic and fascinating.'
  16. 'As he spoke for those two hypnotic hours, he appealed not to my emotion, but to reason.'
(of a drug) sleep-inducing.
  1. 'This is especially true in elderly people and for hypnotic drugs.'
  2. 'Although used more often for its hypnotic properties, valerian is taken to relieve mild symptoms of anxiety.'


A sleep-inducing drug.
  1. 'Running totals of hypnotics were not carried over from the previous month.'
  2. 'Even in Thailand, with much available over the counter, hypnotics are not OTC and should only be taken as the last resort.'
  3. '‘Pediatricians recommend everything from benadryl to hypnotics to chamomile tea,’ she says.'
A person under or open to hypnosis.


    1. of or relating to hypnosis or hypnotism.

    2. inducing or like something that induces hypnosis.

    3. susceptible to hypnotism, as a person.

    4. inducing sleep. noun

    5. an agent or drug that produces sleep; sedative.

    6. a person who is susceptible to hypnosis.

    7. a person under the influence of hypnotism.

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    "words can be hypnotic to people."

    "states can be hypnotic."

    "effects can be hypnotic."

    "suggestions can be hypnotic."

    "qualities can be hypnotic."

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    Early 17th century: from French hypnotique, via late Latin from Greek hupnōtikos ‘causing sleep’, from hupnoun ‘put to sleep’, from hupnos ‘sleep’.