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A book of hymns.
  1. 'You don't need six newly ordained pastors or six hundred new hymnals.'
  2. 'Start your library by researching other denominational hymnals.'


Relating to hymns.
  1. 'Vibraphone and bass sketch the hymnal melody, joined by lush violin figures and soft digital crackle.'
  2. 'And yes, I've done away with the Christmas song titles, opting more for a hymnal type.'
  3. 'She invites the audience to sing along to a plaintive, hymnal Rivers of Babylon.'
  4. 'Yet, as on ‘Children's Waltz’ and ‘Lullaby’, the wave of pastel, hymnal harmonies are hard to deny on aesthetic grounds.'
  5. 'The simple lyric and Bass's cooing and humming give the song an almost hymnal quality.'


1. Also called hymnbook[him-boo k]/ˈhɪmˌbʊk/. a book of hymns for use in a religious service. adjective

2. of or relating to hymns.

More examples(as adjective)

"musics can be hymnal."


Late 15th century: from medieval Latin hymnale, from Latin hymnus (see hymn).