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(of a voice or utterance) sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse.
  1. '‘You can stay,’ his voice was husky; a whisper, trying to regain a hold on his emotions.'
  2. '‘Oh God, you look so amazing,’ he whispered in a lustful husky voice.'
  3. '‘Hey stranger,’ his voice was husky and I shivered slightly.'
  4. 'I can still hear his husky voice whispering to me.'
  5. 'His deep, husky voice sent a tingle down her spine, which she tried to ignore.'
  6. 'She craned her head slightly to the side as a husky voice, choked with emotion, whispered into her ear.'
  7. 'His deep husky voice sent a shiver down my spine.'
  8. 'His voice was husky and deep, definitely swooning material.'
  9. '‘Thank you Veronica,’ a deep husky voice said from behind the chair.'
  10. '‘You go ahead,’ Rex said in an anxious, slightly husky voice.'
(of a person) big and strong.
  1. 'The room next to ours has a couple where the guy can't get around very well, a little too husky.'
  2. 'The husky man looked irritated at being interrupted.'
  3. '‘It would be more convincing that way,’ Nicholas agreed as the husky pup fell asleep in his strong arms.'
  4. 'He was a few inches shorter than me and he's husky.'
Like or consisting of a husk or husks.


    A powerful dog of a breed with a thick double coat which is typically grey, used in the Arctic for pulling sledges.
    1. 'He'd been working and breeding Alaskan huskies for five years.'
    2. 'Every day, I spot sleds lying around, often right next to huskies meant to pull them.'


    1. big and strong; burly.

    2. (of the voice) having a semiwhispered vocal tone; somewhat hoarse, as when speaking with a cold or from grief or passion.

    3. like, covered with, or full of husks.

    4. made in a size meant for the larger or heavier than average boy: size 18 husky pants.

    5. for, pertaining to, or wearing clothing in this size: the husky department; husky boys. noun, plural huskies.

    6. a size of garments meant for the larger or heavier than avera

    More examples(as adjective)

    "voices can be husky with uses."

    "voices can be husky with tones."

    "voices can be husky with tensions."

    "voices can be husky with longings."

    "voices can be husky with desires."

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    (husky)Mid 19th century (originally denoting the Eskimo language or an Eskimo): abbreviation of obsolete Ehuskemay or Newfoundland dialect Huskemaw ‘Eskimo’, probably from Montagnais (see Eskimo). The term replaced the 18th-century term Eskimo dog.