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(of a place) very quiet and still.
  1. 'There is a hushed and unhurried atmosphere, broken only by the chiming of the antique clock.'
  2. 'No other singer could bring an entire room to a painfully hushed standstill just by performing this one number.'
  3. '‘Galleries are often hushed spaces where people feel slightly unrelaxed,’ she says.'
  4. 'She curtsied to him lightly, her whispering skirts the only sound in the hushed room, and sat.'
  5. 'The hushed reading rooms that feel cool even on a hot day, the murmuring quiet broken only by occasional whispering, and browsers lost in dark book stacks.'
  6. 'Taking the heavy door of the theater in his hand, Michael extends his arm in a great arc as if to slam it with a force that would send shakes through the hushed room.'
  7. 'the nurses were talking in hushed voices'
  8. 'She spoke in a hushed voice and was quite serious.'
  9. 'Walking up the ramp, Ian was aware of the whispering sound of hundreds of hushed voices, but was unable to distinguish any individual words.'
  10. 'Sure enough, as I enter the kitchen, the door to the conservatory is slightly ajar and I can hear his smooth, deep voice in hushed conversation on the telephone.'
  11. 'People talk in hushed voices around it and you probably won't be allowed to touch it.'
  12. 'It was a very quiet, very hushed voice, and it sounded a little bit squeaky.'
  13. 'In one corner, two people were talking in hushed voices.'
  14. 'There were hushed voices and the smell of disinfectant.'
  15. 'I've grown used to the sound of crushed, hushed voices on the end of the phone.'
  16. 'I am not sure how long we remain like that, exchanging soft words in hushed conversation, faces close and eyes locked.'
  17. 'Soon enough, the soft sound of footsteps gave way to hushed voices.'


1. (used as a command to be silent or quiet.) verb (used without object)

2. to become or be silent or quiet: They hushed as the judge walked in. verb (used with object)

3. to make silent; silence.

4. to suppress mention of; keep concealed (often followed by up): They hushed up the scandal.

5. to calm, quiet, or allay: to hush someone's fears. noun

6. silence or quiet, especially after noise.

7. Phonetics. either of the sibilant sounds (sh) and (zh). adjective

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"voices can be hushed."

"tones can be hushed."

"courts can be hushed."

"courtrooms can be hushed."

"trades can be hushed."

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