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Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.
  1. 'Rachel was great at sports, but what makes her different from the other girls Todd knew was that she was modest and humble.'
  2. 'And, you know, he was just so sure of himself, but he was also a modest person and a humble person.'
  3. 'She did nothing and was as modest and humble as an angel, yet she did everything to perfection.'
  4. 'These executives and managers are humble, fearless, modest, and willful with endless reserves of energy.'
  5. 'Can you be stinking rich and love yourself and be proud of yourself and yet be humble and modest as well?'
  6. 'He's so humble and modest; I'm someone who literally brags when he goes to the gym, so it's pretty cool to come across such selflessness.'
  7. 'my humble apologies'
  8. 'That would (in my humble opinion) be much more harmful.'
  9. 'I don't know, but, in my humble opinion, it sure looks slicker to keep one or two buttons undone when wearing a dress shirt without a tie.'
  10. 'You guided us so brilliantly, while you also, in my humble opinion, gave the performance of your career.'
  11. 'After presenting his scholarly ideal, the author describes his own humble scholarly contribution quite modestly.'
  12. 'A humble request to our politicians is to work together to take our country to new heights.'
  13. 'In my humble opinion, a beard can perform double duty as being a source of comfort and enjoyment, as well as looking sharp.'
  14. 'In my humble estimation, these statistics should ignite a spark in the minds of serious bowlers.'
  15. 'It proved to be a disaster, in my humble opinion.'
  16. 'A welcome change in this reviewer's humble opinion.'
  17. 'Many of the actions have been humble and simple.'
Of low social, administrative, or political rank.
  1. 'He was from a humble social background, raised either in a village or an orphanage.'
  2. 'In many ways he had a charmed life: springing from a humble background in Edwardian Cornwall, he gained a coveted scholarship to Oxford, where he had a glittering early career.'
  3. 'We both came from quite humble backgrounds and then we really appreciated what we got out of our football careers.'
  4. 'The man who was to enjoy one of the longest and most distinguished political careers in the post-war period was born into a remarkably humble background, 93 years ago today.'
  5. 'Explaining his love for the poor, he said he came from a relatively humble background.'
  6. 'It was an optimistic time as pupils from humble backgrounds won places to study at the national university, while others started careers in the civil service, the police and the army.'
  7. 'He is courteous, good-humoured, shrewd, canny and from a humble background in Edinburgh.'
  8. 'Not all of those who came were well born, and some had a humble background.'
  9. 'Lloyd George was from a very humble background, had risen to the heights of British politics, and was very clever, very amusing.'
  10. 'Many of them were from humble backgrounds and went on to triumph in their chosen activity.'
(of a thing) of modest pretensions or dimensions.
  1. 'Some reports estimate that more than 850 compounds are packed inside the humble bean.'
  2. 'They then proceeded to torch the humble dwellings of the farm workers, presumably to ensure that they would not try to return to the village.'
  3. 'She congratulated the board of management, parents and in particular the teachers who helped develop the school from its humble beginnings.'
  4. 'From its humble beginnings in January 1952, the school has continued to flourish attracting children from all over the locality.'
  5. 'It is an honour to have a designer of your stature in our humble school.'
  6. 'Pies are always less fancy than cakes, by dint of their modest shape and humble nature.'
  7. 'The images show Hong Kong's transformation from humble manufacturing base to modern financial powerhouse.'
  8. 'Even though my dwelling is both humble and modest I still find the quarterly levy feels like more than I can afford.'
  9. 'From humble beginnings with 11 electronic trading platforms, the number exploded to a high of 90 in 2001.'
  10. 'A labour court in February ordered that the workers be re-instated and the six are back at work but they are refusing to move back into their humble houses on the farm.'


Cause (someone) to feel less important or proud.
  1. 'But we should see it through to the very end, totally humble these people, then build them back up so they may actually give back to civilization.'
  2. 'The Glasgow victory shows how ordinary workers can take on and humble this kind of giant firm.'
  3. 'Then as you grow older and you place what you've done musically against all the body of work that's ever been made, it humbles you hugely.'
  4. 'Sometimes journalists are humbled by the happenings on sporting fields.'
  5. 'I feel humbled by it, and the reality is I'm just reflecting the way most New Yorkers in my position would act.'
  6. 'Both were humbled by health difficulties and the consequences of their arrogance.'
  7. 'I think that sometimes, that is what humbles me most.'
  8. 'If you can humble yourself in preparation for an event you will surely be better able to judge and understand it.'
  9. 'In order for a team to win, I think guys have to humble themselves enough to expose their weaknesses to their teammates.'
  10. 'I was so humbled by the beauty of the moment that I respectfully rode in Robin's tracks as we left the beach and began climbing the grassy hill.'
  11. 'Wales were humbled at Cardiff Arms Park by Romania'
  12. 'The leaders of the Second Division were humbled to a 94 run defeat at home to Pendle Forest.'
  13. 'Yet Tennessee was humbled, the Ravens crowned, and the outcome was clearly divine intervention.'
  14. 'It's goal is to defeat, to humble, the hyperpower.'
  15. 'I played in a poker tournament where I sat with a bunch of guys in sunglasses who proceeded to take my money and humble me completely and totally.'
  16. 'Kings of cricket once, they were now being humbled by sides, that would have been simply swept aside in the past.'


1. not proud or arrogant; modest: to be humble although successful.

2. having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience, etc.: In the presence of so many world-famous writers I felt very humble.

3. low in rank, importance, status, quality, etc.; lowly: of humble origin; a humble home.

4. courteously respectful: In my humble opinion you are wrong.

5. low in height, level, etc.; small in size: a humble member of the galaxy. verb (used w

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"places can be humble for lords."

"people can be humble to expertises."

"people can be humble in hearts."

"people can be humble by ways."

"people can be humble by natures."

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Middle English: from Old French, from Latin humilis ‘low, lowly’, from humus ‘ground’.


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