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Make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee.
  1. 'Adam typed in some commands, and the computer bank started humming.'
  2. 'Chizuru ended up staring straight at the ceiling of her room, the gentle purr of the air-conditioner humming inside her ears.'
  3. 'While workers are at home sleeping, their computers are humming along.'
  4. 'We were in the small, dingy office, paint peeling off the walls and the ancient computer monotonously humming.'
  5. 'In any case, by 2010, fully half of all electricity generated in the U.S. would go to keep computer hardware humming.'
  6. 'The plane's engine hummed incessantly in my ears, while we read of the mission files again, making sure that the details were memorized.'
  7. 'There was silence on the bus, and all that could be heard was the sound of the engine humming.'
  8. 'The weather is slowly moving form the melodic hums and buzzes of lazy summer heat to the chirps and crackles of exciting autumn change.'
  9. 'A long peaceful silence followed, the distant sounds of car engines humming and people chattering were the only thing audible.'
  10. 'A solid wooden floor supports an enormous desk and the latest model PC computer hums quietly, awaiting instruction.'
  11. 'he hummed softly to himself'
  12. 'Footsteps echoed in the hallway, accompanied by the sound of Benny's humming.'
  13. 'It's as if she doesn't know how to hum, she just sings ‘la la la’ all day.'
  14. 'He bends down slightly, surprising her, and starts humming along in her ear.'
  15. 'Close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and hum loudly.'
  16. 'I turned around to Trent, who was still turned around, with his fingers in his ears, humming happily.'
  17. 'After a while he stopped humming and began to sing to himself softly.'
  18. 'Observe that would normally be followed up by the speaker actually humming or singing the tune in question.'
  19. 'All she heard was a strangely familiar tune, softly hummed in time with the steps.'
  20. 'No matter how tightly I cover my ears and hum into my pillow, it's too late to get the sound out of my head.'
  21. 'There was a door at the top of the stairs and I picked up my pace, hearing the soft sound of William humming to himself, waiting for me to arrive.'
  22. 'the room hummed with an expectant murmur'
  23. 'Light, airy and clean, it hums gently to the sound of £1m servers being assembled and tested for hospitals and large corporations around the world.'
  24. 'The forest hummed with unseen life and dripped water from its branches.'
  25. 'The base hummed with the excited buzz of conversation as the renegades prepared for the upcoming raid.'
  26. 'The late summer garden is a quietly humming hive of activity.'
  27. 'The room hummed with the excitement of media and well-connected fans.'
  28. 'The courtroom hummed with murmurs from the people.'
  29. 'The chimneystacks and sheds that once hummed with the sound of hundreds of spinning and weaving machines, now lie silent.'
  30. 'Hissing and smoking, the Conearith Shipyards hummed with construction.'
  31. 'The room hummed for a moment and the receptionist ran in, his face pale as a sheet.'
Be in a state of great activity.
  1. 'Windsor and the surrounding towns hum with great places to eat, drink and be as merry as a monarch.'
  2. 'Towns we remember as sleepy are now humming with antiques shops and coffeehouses.'
  3. 'The place hums with urgent activity, but on the outskirts of the town the simpler pleasures in life are easier to find.'
  4. 'Perhaps the most striking thing observed on our tour is the humming activity in this beehive of development engineering.'
  5. 'A textile factory in Sri Lanka hums with activity.'
  6. 'Three hundred marshalling yards, 2,300 goods sheds and 700 repair depots keep humming with activity all the time.'
  7. 'The place was humming as the huge attendance ate and drank as if there was no tomorrow.'
  8. 'The marina at Bas du Fort just outside the town hums in the evenings.'
  9. 'The campus was humming with instructive activities and cheerful, volunteer undergraduates directing and informing the crowds with courtesy and charm.'
  10. 'The village was humming with walkers, the snowdrops were nearly out and I ambled out and took Moor Lane into the countryside.'
Smell unpleasant.
  1. 'She had unwillingly become immune to the humming stench.'


A low, steady continuous sound.
  1. 'a low hum of conversation'
  2. 'The sound of the hum of cars in the distance while I sit here is testimony to that.'
  3. 'The steady hum grew louder, and the lights in the theatre turned on.'
  4. 'Most of the noise was from the Scottish man through the speakers, other than that there was a low hum of conversation.'
  5. 'I could hear the sound of cars in the distance (you know, the low hum of continuous traffic), so I walked towards it.'
  6. 'The steady hum of the city had all but evaporated in the night.'
  7. 'The only sound was the low hum of the lights, everything was quiet.'
  8. 'There's a low hum of conversation, a genteel clink of polished silver on old china, waiters in tails exuding an air of quiet efficiency and old-fashioned servility.'
  9. 'The low hum of air conditioning and the buzz of machines unswitched off is always with you, like tinnitus.'
  10. 'What entered now was the sound of the hums and moans of everyday life, the quiet laugher, the mockery, the sound of horses and oxen.'
  11. 'She listened; all was quiet except for the steady hum of the crickets.'
  12. 'You've just connected your system and there's a buzz or hum that won't go away.'
  13. 'Stereos don't make any noise, except a very slight electrical hum.'

Pronunciation /hʌm//h(ə)m/exclamation

Used to express hesitation or dissent.
  1. '‘Hum. How long did you invite her for?’'
  2. 'Hum, wonder if they'll hire an NYC based firm?'

More definitions

1. to make a low, continuous, droning sound.

2. to give forth an indistinct sound of mingled voices or noises.

3. to utter an indistinct sound in hesitation, embarrassment, dissatisfaction, etc.; hem.

4. to sing with closed lips, without articulating words.

5. to be in a state of busy activity: The household hummed in preparation for the wedding.

6. British Slang. to have a bad odor, as of stale perspiration. verb (used with object), humm

More examples(as adjective)

"accessories can be hum at mphs."

"accessories can be hum."


Mid 16th century: imitative; related to the verb hum.


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