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Very much; to a very great extent.
  1. 'The tax paid on North Sea oil varies hugely from one field to the next, depending mainly on the age of the field.'
  2. 'The feminist view of useless men may be extreme, but it has been hugely influential.'
  3. 'The house itself was hugely run down but was still used by doctors working at the hospital.'
  4. 'They have just returned from a hugely successful week-long tour of south west France.'
  5. 'The need to accommodate tramways was the reason for another hugely contentious scheme.'
  6. 'It will be hugely expensive to us, as well as making the UK a prime target in any future war.'
  7. 'It was a hugely difficult time, it took an awful lot of my time away from the club.'
  8. 'Also playing their part in a hugely successful day were four students from York University.'
  9. 'Some of the stories are hugely entertaining but there is a lot of sadness in the book as well.'
  10. 'To try to cover all options would be hugely expensive so lawyers pass on the risk to somebody else.'

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1. extraordinarily large in bulk, quantity, or extent: a huge ship; a huge portion of ice cream.

2. of unbounded extent, scope, or character; limitless: the huge genius of Mozart.

3. Slang. very important, successful, popular, etc.: The show is huge in Britain.

More examples(as adjective)

"wholes can be hugely."

"demandings can be hugely."

"conditions can be hugely."

"berries can be hugely."

"backgrounds can be hugely."

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