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A long, doleful cry uttered by an animal such as a dog or wolf.
  1. 'All around her, there were more of these cries, mostly wolf howls but there was one screech of a bird-of-prey.'
  2. 'A wolf's howl rang through the forest, and the forest grew darker.'
  3. 'Brave as she was, she had always had a fear of the dark and her imagination conjuring up wolf howls didn't help her situation.'
  4. 'A wolf's howl pierced the empty silence of the night.'
  5. 'The wolf made a long howl than began to charge at him as well.'
  6. 'At that moment, a long wolf howl was heard, echoing through the woods.'
  7. 'The only sound was the sound of a lone wolf's howl into the hopeless night.'
  8. 'He accompanied such antics with an assortment of facial grimaces, one-string tricks, and even animal howls.'
  9. 'Of course, since she would think it was the wolf, I would start playing this tape here with the sounds of struggling and wolf howls.'
  10. 'While in captivity, they are very vocal, uttering high-pitched whines and howls, rasping growls.'
  11. figurative 'I got howls of protest from readers'
  12. 'He has enormous lumps - fatty deposits, I'm told - on each side of his head, and he delivers howls of pain every time he moves, which is rarely.'
  13. 'A howl of pain told them he'd been killed as well.'
  14. 'His howl of pain and anger was the most pleasant sound I could have heard right then.'
  15. 'The howls of anger and disagreement were heard far and wide.'
  16. 'There was a howl of pain but it didn't come from me.'
  17. 'I covered my ears to try and stop the howls of pain from getting through, but I could still hear them and they hurt.'
  18. 'There was a hideous howl of pain, and the bed lurched.'
  19. 'I heard the ensuing howl of pain over the hum and rattle of the printer.'
  20. 'Now, at the mere mention of his long-ago battle, Sy uttered a mournful howl, fell to his knees, and covered his head with his skinny arms.'
  21. 'Suddenly, more screeches reached his ears and he heard howls of pain.'
  22. 'The howl of the wind did nothing to drone out the sound of her desperate cry.'
  23. 'There could be heard around me the gentle snoring of soldiers within their tents sometimes cut by the howl of a bypassing wind from the forest.'
  24. 'She had to almost yell over the howl of the wind and her voice echoed off of the tall trees around them.'
  25. 'There was complete silence except for the howl of the wind as it tugged at his clothes and face.'
  26. 'With an eerie howl, the wind kicked up a cloud of dust, and suddenly, a gray figure leapt over Aeslyn, and knocked Adelaide to the ground.'
  27. 'The wind picked up and sent howls through the temple that echoed all around me.'
  28. 'His scream pierced right through the howl of the winds, and it made her eyes water with tears.'
  29. '‘Thank you,’ she breathed quietly, letting the words be drowned out by the howl of the wind.'
  30. 'A strong wind came from the west, and its howl could be heard throughout the city as it whipped through dark alleys and tore past cars and people.'
  31. 'Doune thought quietly against the howl of the wind.'
  32. 'This will avoid unwelcome howls of feedback and can prevent loudspeaker damage due to switch-on transients.'
  33. 'Though the songs have all the jittery energy and dance beats that make bank these days, hooks are absent, replaced by trebly guitar screech and electronic howls.'
  34. 'It also makes for a deeply satisfying rush at times, particularly when their sludgy rock pulse is accelerated into viscous gobs of noise or howls of feedback.'


Make a howling sound.
  1. 'the wind howled around the house'
  2. 'How often I have listened to the tempest howl and rave'
  3. 'Finally, a scream of terror howled around the room and echoed off the tiles.'
  4. 'I truly do not relish the thought of living under a huge tarpaulin when the west winds howl.'
  5. 'Fuqua's approach is simple: let the music speak, shout and howl for itself.'
  6. 'A wolf howls in the autumn morning, and is joined by three other voices.'
  7. 'Most climbers build snow walls around their tents in an effort to stem the winds that howl across the plateau come nightfall.'
  8. 'She heard the rain slam harder, and the wind howl and whip around the house.'
  9. 'He placed his other arm around her and listened to the wind howl as the sun shimmered down weakly.'
  10. 'I've never heard the wind howl before, only imagined it when reading a book where it is described as such.'
  11. 'In it, the wind howls fiercely, driving rain like stinging knifes in a torrential downpour, so heavy that he can't see more than two feet in front of his face.'
  12. 'He howled parts of it out and we all bawled, but we were glad he had read it.'
  13. 'He opened his mouth and began to howl, face crumpling with his siren wail.'
  14. 'He shrieked and he wailed and he howled and he screeched, until all the air in his lungs left, and then he still yelled.'
  15. 'The baby howled as a small bud of blood appeared and dropped onto the dagger.'
  16. 'Because even as we howl and bawl out about the way people are being gunned down, we always fail to be introspective in all of this.'
  17. 'Now, every time he hears the van, he howls like a baby until he is let out, runs across the road and queues up.'
  18. 'She was howling as loudly as her young lungs allowed.'
  19. 'The voice shrieked and howled before causing Jenna's body to fall to the ground.'
  20. 'During the phone call David, a student at Leeds Metropolitan University, started to scream and howl.'
  21. 'She screams, she howls, and she tries to be feminine and vulnerable but I just can't buy it.'
  22. 'they howled me down and called me a chauvinist'
  23. 'A professor was howled down when he suggested some years ago that Australia should pay attention to the numbers, pace and ethnic mix of our migration intake.'
  24. 'Every time National members and our colleagues in ACT pointed out the dangers of the Local Government Bill, for example, we were howled down as scaremongering.'
  25. 'At best we will be howled down, written about, excoriated and condemned.'
  26. 'Unionists blew trumpets, howled him down, sprayed air freshener at him and staged walkouts to remove the quorum for a meeting.'
  27. 'McDowell rejected reports of a crowd of people howling him down at last week's Fianna Fail party meeting.'

More definitions

1. to utter a loud, prolonged, mournful cry, as that of a dog or wolf.

2. to utter a similar cry in distress, pain, rage, etc.; wail.

3. to make a sound like an animal howling: The wind howls through the trees.

4. Informal. to go on a spree; enjoy oneself without restraint. verb (used with object)

5. to utter with howls: to howl the bad news.

6. to drive or force by howls (often followed by down): to howl down the opposition. noun

7. the cry of a dog

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(howl)Middle English houle (verb), probably imitative.