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Having a horn or horns.
  1. in combination 'a long-horned bison'
  2. 'The men wear a horned headdress with a tall tuft of feathers and a fringe of cowry shells dangling over their faces.'
  3. 'In some case horned animals are harnessed to simple ploughs.'
  4. 'The horned Angora goats use horns to pull down multiflora stems for feeding.'
  5. 'Instead of the typical clan tartans, the Orkney ferry is decorated with posters of dragon-bowed great boats and warriors in horned helmets shoving flaming coffins out into the waves.'
  6. 'Marauding warriors with horned helmets who slaughtered monks and carried off treasures are at the heart of the popular image of the Viking invasions of the British Isles.'
  7. 'As a horned antelope they must be respected in that horns are lethal weapons and members of the hartebeest family are very capable of giving a good account of themselves.'
  8. 'Why don't horned herbivores, constantly threatened by predators like lions and tigers, gang up on them instead of always running away?'
  9. 'He saw huge beasts, some horned, some tusked, that he could find no name for.'
  10. 'The August discovery of the new dinosaur Rajasaurus narmadensis - a nine-meter long, horned carnivore similar to Tyrannosaurus - along the banks of the Narmada River in India adds weight to this theory.'
  11. 'In Lower Austria the saint is followed by a similar horned creature, called Krampus, covered with bells and dragging chains; in Styria this attendant is named Bartel.'


    1. having horns (often used in combination): a horned beast; blunt-horned.

    2. having or wearing a horn-shaped protuberance, ornament, or the like: the horned crags.

    3. having a crescent-shaped part or form.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "cattles can be horned."

    "toads can be horned."

    "heads can be horned."

    "gods can be horned."

    "beasts can be horned."

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