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(of a person) move by jumping on one foot.
  1. 'I started hopping from one foot to the other, it couldn't get any worse. could it?'
  2. 'Her mother Bernadette added: ‘A week later she was hopping around on the one leg.’'
  3. 'Suddenly I saw the folds of my bed curtain stir; and heard a bumping sound, like that caused by some person hopping on one foot across the floor.'
  4. 'By my appointment time of 9.30 I was hopping around, and by the time I actually went in at 9.40 I was in sheer agony but oh the relief afterwards!'
  5. 'David hopped on one foot, tying his shoe, and had a piece of bread shoved into his mouth.'
  6. 'This evening I was hopping around the bedroom after coming out of the shower, towel tied around my waist.'
  7. 'While a person may hop on one foot, it is difficult to envision a bird flying with only one wing.'
  8. 'The day I got out of hospital I was hopping down the street on my crutches when the boss drove past; he waved and kept going.'
  9. 'Cedric jumped back to help her and unattached the shoe in a flash, but poor Jane was now hopping around on one foot.'
  10. 'I also remember when I was a kid my mother came hopping on one foot into my room, claiming she'd lost sensation in her lower leg save for excruciating pain.'
  11. 'a blackbird was hopping around in the sun'
  12. 'Many birds of prey were hopping around on the ground, eating grubs and worms, unable to fly because of the lack of thermals.'
  13. 'All kinds of exotic birds hop on the sand near the window.'
  14. 'In this posture, the bird hops backward on the perch, moving upward if the perch is inclined.'
  15. 'Here and there deer wandered, and rabbits hopped through the fields.'
  16. 'Within 5 minute they were hopping around, eating seeds, running into one hole and coming out another 20 feet away.'
  17. 'When I moved back to a distance of four or five feet, they would hop over and take their crackers.'
  18. 'They move primarily by hopping on their hind limbs.'
  19. 'Contrary to popular belief, these insects do not hop, jump, or fly.'
  20. 'All over the UK there are millions of rabbits cowering in the undergrowth awaiting the moment when they can hop hopefully to the nearest patch of grass and nibble to their heart's content.'
  21. 'A few of these ground-foraging warblers hopped across the grass, close enough to enjoy without binoculars.'
  22. 'The dog hopped over the creature and sat down next to him, panting.'
  23. 'Andy hopped up on the table for a minute, stared at her, then slapped Mia across the chops, drove her out of the seat, and settled in her place.'
  24. 'The doppelgänger leapt over the spikes and hopped onto the wall as the others followed.'
  25. 'As I hopped down the short steps, I went around to the side of the house, where my bike was.'
  26. 'He sat up and stretched, and his son hopped onto the couch beside him.'
  27. 'I turned on my heel and immediately set off in the direction of the sound, in a straight line so that I had to hop over a wall and leap a few bushes.'
  28. 'Alyssia helped him up onto her horse then hopped on behind him.'
  29. 'To anyone without infrared vision, it looked like she was doing some sort of bizarre, tribal dance, hopping over invisible things in a seemingly utterly empty room.'
  30. 'I quickly got into my bathing suit, and hopped into my favorite shorts, that didn't have back pockets.'
  31. 'The rabbit just hopped over the next row of lettuces and turned to look at the boy.'
  32. 'Since I was the closest to the door, I was the first out, and hopped down the short steps and turned right to my bike.'
  33. 'The following day we hopped a train from Burgos to Sahagun, and began to hike the Camino Frances.'
  34. 'Ortiz then went went solo, hopping a train to Philadelphia.'
  35. 'Then Ida put aside her life of duty and quiet respectability in the little upstate town of New Paltz and hopped a train.'
  36. 'No more long waits to hop planes at busy European or South-east Asian airports.'
  37. 'So you're more likely to hop a ride in one of these in the U.S., Canada, Russia, or New Zealand than on a London street.'
  38. 'He came back to one of my classes and talked about all this stuff like how if you don't know what you're doing, you can just get sliced in half trying to hop the trains.'
  39. 'As soon as I graduated from high school, I hopped the first train to New York City.'
  40. 'If you start to burn out on Amsterdam, hop a train to Haarlem.'
  41. 'My head is swimming with dreams and schemes and the overwhelming desire to hop a bus or a train or a plane and make this dream happen.'
  42. 'After pooling the cash, she skipped bail on the day of her trial and hopped a flight to Los Angeles, leaving her daughters with her aunt.'
  43. 'the cow hopped the fence'
  44. 'Then he hopped the railing and trotted over the line.'
  45. 'The U.S., for its part, counted it as a victory when a member of the Bolshoi would hop an airport turnstile and defect.'
  46. 'During the event, Ezell hopped a guardrail and tried to run onto the field.'
  47. 'It hopped the distance between the two beds and settled down on Ariana's pillow.'
  48. 'Brewer was accused of hopping the fence at a daycare center that Maddox was attending.'
  49. 'He hopped the small white fence and jogged over to us, fishing a pair of keys out of his khaki pants.'
  50. 'Cops cuffed him and brought him to the Guy station where he attempted to escape by hopping a small wall.'
  51. 'And William jumps off that little fellow and hops the fence and he and I run like crazy and hide in the house with all the animals that live in the dark.'
  52. 'If the weather's nice we hop a few fences and see parts of the park that no one except the forest rangers have visited for a century.'
  53. 'He'll probably think you're the coolest chick if you hop the fence and head to the court with the boys.'
Pass quickly from one place to another.
  1. as noun, in combination 'island-hopping'
  2. 'Normally I could persuade my employers to cough up for this, but I'm increasingly hopping between companies where that's not an option.'
  3. 'Arif Mohammed Khan hopped from one channel to another, explaining his leap of faith.'
  4. 'The industry really seems to consist of the same 50 people hopping around some ten places all the time.'
  5. 'The World came to Cobh on Saturday, has been in Waterford since yesterday and journeys to Belfast tomorrow, hops across to Scotland and then visits Dublin on August 20.'
  6. 'Here is an event that is sure to trigger the youngsters to hop on to the dance floor for a jig.'
  7. 'Frequency hopping, and radio encryption in general, is a short step away from digital radio.'
  8. 'You can't simply have people hopping around at will to avoid the authorities.'
  9. 'Bars door after door, street after street in Vieux-Nice enable you to hop bar to bar with minimal effort.'
  10. 'She apparently is in the hospitality business and is presently island hopping in her work.'
  11. 'For the past 10 years, he's hopped around the globe working for SAP Computer Systems.'
  12. 'I hopped it down the stairs'
  13. 'Tali hopped it to Melbourne in 2001; a year later came her meeting with Size.'
  14. 'You can hop it back home to Australia immediately.'
  15. 'We hopped it and entered the maze of the Old City.'
  16. 'Gary Ruane came across and I hopped it back inside.'
  17. 'Frank walked in, looked over and said, in that unmistakable basso profundo: ‘Oi, Mr Observer man, hop it.’'
  18. 'A guy I work with, and have known for years, although not well, just hopped it from work, with no warning.'
  19. 'Dirty gave him a load of cash and told him to hop it.'
  20. 'So I hopped it to next-door St Lucia and probably my favourite restaurant in the world, Bang.'
  21. 'These cheeky beggars should have been told to hop it.'
  22. 'This should also apply to those who hop parties without plausible reasons.'
  23. 'No question about it, label hopping kills most bands.'
  24. 'With their genre hopping style, The Offcuts are a unique live prospect, with many surprised by their sudden, ferocious appearance on stage.'
  25. 'They lay down, with the birds hopping from branch to branch above them and the bright sky peeping down at them.'
  26. 'He gave me a quick kiss before hopping onto the podium.'
  27. 'After working in the organization for perhaps a year, they hop jobs, with the primary objective being more money.'
  28. 'The dot com revolution spawned a whole new generation of savvy, job hopping free agents who each said proudly they were their own security.'
  29. 'Finally, he gets around me and lane hops a bit and that's the last I see of him.'
  30. 'The cold feel of the paint all over her face made her hop up and start jumping around, in a vain attempt to remove the paint.'


A hopping movement.
  1. 'Particularly noteworthy were the women's parallel hops and shoulder shakes, which sent their braids flying.'
  2. 'On one leg, jump forward for ten hops, minimizing ground contact.'
  3. 'The dancers rely on powerful, rather slow, twirling movements with hops.'
  4. 'I came out of work tonight with a kind of a hop and a skip.'
  5. 'Really exaggerate this movement until you can perform it with a slight hop at the start of the turn.'
  6. 'On the ground they proceed in frog-like hops, or occasionally walk on all fours.'
  7. 'It was a courtship dance, involving a combination of hops and steps.'
  8. 'Gliding by each other, they interjected small hops and skips into cross-stepping patterns.'
  9. 'The single-legged hop and vertical jump tests were performed to assess functional strength.'
  10. 'You might be used to frogs taking long jumps, but cane toads move with short, rapid hops or a running walk instead.'
  11. 'a short hop by cab from Soho'
  12. 'A plane hop or ferry ride from Maui lands you in Lanai.'
  13. 'After completing ground training, I was scheduled for my first hop at the flight-instructor-training unit.'
  14. 'The number of hops on the shortest path between people is sometimes called the graph distance or degree of separation between those people.'
  15. 'They tend to attract people who like the idea of a proper voyage, rather than a series of hops between ports.'
  16. 'Even the timing of a Nato summit which Bush is attending this weekend in Istanbul, a short plane hop from Baghdad, had been shifted back a few weeks so as to take place two days before the handover.'
  17. 'You see them flying all over the world, mostly on short to medium hops.'
  18. 'For short city hops, tuk-tuks are available all over the country.'
  19. 'Start early by taking the train to Ardrossan and the short ferry hop to Bute.'
  20. 'Longer distance communications can be achieved in multiple hops without loss of data rate.'
  21. 'It's a short and pleasant hop through one of Rio's most attractive middle-class neighborhoods.'
An informal dance.
  1. 'This surge in popularity in all forms of dance is equally mirrored in the lindy hop, with many events occurring around the country.'
  2. 'The rock ‘n’ roll record hop with DJ Flashback Billy takes place at the High Royds Sport and Social Club.'
  3. 'They were every bit as good and enjoyable as they were all those years ago at the rugby hops in The County Hotel and other venues.'

More definitions

1. to make a short, bouncing leap; move by leaping with all feet off the ground.

2. to spring or leap on one foot.

3. Informal. to make a short, quick trip, especially in an airplane: He hopped up to Boston for the day.

4. Informal. to travel or move frequently from one place or situation to another (usually used in combination): to island-hop; to job-hop.

5. Informal. to dance. verb (used with object), hopped, hopping.

6. to jump over

More examples(as adjective)

"worts can be hopped."

"people can be hopped."

"nimblies can be hopped."

"neatlies can be hopped."

"names can be hopped."

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(hop)Old English hoppian, of Germanic origin; related to German dialect hopfen and German hopsen.


hop in (or out)
hop into