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(of a garment) having a hood.
  1. 'I turned and saw a blonde guy with really tight pants and a hooded sweater.'
  2. 'I then managed to get myself dried and dressed into jeans and a hooded sweater.'
  3. 'He was not wearing armour like the others, but a hooded cape of purple velvet.'
  4. 'Then, I put on my jeans, a tight red hooded sweater and my denim jacket.'
  5. 'He wore a black hooded jacket and a blue and white baseball cap.'
  6. 'He was in his shop on Monday afternoon when the thief, wearing a hooded jacket, leapt over the counter demanding cash.'
  7. 'The thief is described as white and aged around 20, 5ft 6ins tall, and was wearing a dark hooded jacket.'
  8. 'She wore a lovely black dress with a soft, black hooded cape.'
  9. 'I couldn't even see his face underneath that hooded sweater he was wearing.'
  10. 'They would go out in the full moon, and they would dance around a fire in hooded garments and that kind of thing.'
  11. 'He turned around abruptly to see an old man in a long gray hooded cloak walking slowly toward him.'
  12. 'He was wearing a black hooded jacket and dark trousers.'
  13. 'He was clean shaven with a dimple on his chin and was wearing a long, black, hooded coat.'
  14. 'She was wearing a blue hooded jacket and blue jeans.'
  15. 'a hooded figure'
  16. 'He was able to distinguish a hooded figure in the fog.'
  17. 'They looked on as the crowd of hooded figures began to chant.'
  18. 'The second part of the video, which was aired without sound, showed a hooded man demanding that British troops be withdrawn from Iraq.'
  19. 'I walked towards the hooded figure who had been crossing himself and stood in front of him, palms facing out to indicate that I offered no threat.'
  20. 'After around 40 minutes, we heard the sound of breaking glass from the house and saw a hooded figure emerge with what looked like a computer box in a bag.'
  21. 'As they got nearer, one of the doors swung open and a bent, hooded figure swathed in rags came shuffling out.'
  22. 'A hooded figure appeared before him and laughed coldly.'
  23. 'The hooded figures looked at each other and looked back at us.'
  24. 'Though the competitors are indoors they are all hooded, a common self defense mechanism among teenagers today.'
  25. 'I turned a blind corner, and nearly had a heart attack as a bolt of lightning lit up a hooded figure standing not two feet away from me.'
  26. 'The expression in his hooded blue eyes is somehow both resentful and embarrassed.'
  27. 'Leslie's expression was unreadable, but he kept those hooded eyes on her back until he noticed Willoway's amused glance.'
  28. 'For a moment something akin to panic flared in Adam's hooded eyes.'
  29. 'She let out a sigh and watched Alex with hooded eyes.'
  30. 'She yawned dramatically and cast me a coy look through hooded eyes.'
  31. 'The commander was a thickset man with hooded eyelids and a greasy charm.'
  32. 'He was a blonde guy with hooded green eyes and a fierce tan.'
  33. 'Carrie raised her head and looked at Grant through hooded eyes.'
  34. 'Shrunken and enclosed, he looks up at the camera with a scowl; his eyes are hooded, his cheeks hollow.'
  35. 'She glanced over at Stephen with hooded eyes, sighing heavily.'

More definitions

1. having, or covered with, a hood: a hooded jacket.

2. having the shape of a hood; hood-shaped.

3. Zoology. having on the head a hoodlike formation, crest, arrangement of colors, or the like.

4. Botany. cucullate.

More examples(as adjective)

"eyes can be hooded with desires."

"owls can be hooded."

"eyes can be hooded."

"people can be hooded."

"gunmen can be hooded."

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