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Relating to an animal's ability to return to its territory after travelling away from it.
  1. 'This homing behavior has been documented in other parts of the globe.'
  2. 'Their homing abilities could also provide scientists with new clues to the long-debated role of the Earth's magnetic fields in animal movements and migrations.'
  3. 'Homing behavior is known to occur in other reptiles, such as crocodiles and sea turtles.'
  4. '‘We can't tell at this stage which of these two types of homing behavior the sea snakes are displaying,’ said Reed.'
  5. 'To see whether they have a homing ability, Boles caught more than 100 lobsters in different locations and transported them for about an hour in various deceptive ways to a test site.'
  6. 'Take the homing instinct: how do the pigeons do it?'
  7. 'The sport of pigeon racing is built around a central mystery: the strange homing instinct of the pigeon.'
  8. 'Zoologists at Oxford have come up with a new theory to explain how homing pigeons navigate.'
  9. 'He uses homing pigeons to carry messages back home.'
  10. 'I thought the bird should make its own way home being a homing pigeon, but I was quite happy to give it a lift.'
  11. 'There is general agreement that homing pigeons use the sun as a compass reference.'
  12. 'Researchers say their study proves for the first time that homing pigeons can sense Earth's magnetic field.'
  13. 'Fortunately I have the innate navigation abilities of a homing pigeon, so I headed west towards central London.'
  14. 'A homing pigeon has turned up at a South African diamond mine after being blown off course while flying to England from France, its owner said yesterday.'
  15. 'The romantic image of the homing pigeon using mysterious forces to navigate its way hundreds of miles back to its perch appears to be no such thing.'
  16. 'Deep furrows creased his handsome face as he attached the vital message to the homing pigeon's leg.'
  17. 'To send our secret reports back to Finland, we'd use homing pigeons.'
  18. 'He didn't look to the left, he didn't look to the right, he came straight in the door and ran straight down to my brother like a homing missile.'
  19. 'The arsenal of weapons include homing plasma guns, rockets, proximity grenades, Gattling guns and much more.'
  20. 'The teams marked drop zones and set up radar homing devices to guide aircraft to there targets.'
  21. 'This means the shell is going to combine the qualities of a controlled and homing weapon.'
  22. 'The Lynx adds considerably to the destroyer's firepower - it can fly at 180 knots, and has its own Sea Skua anti-ship missiles and homing torpedoes.'
  23. 'It is an optically-sighted weapon, but also contains a heat-seeking homing device.'
  24. 'One principal area in the development of weapon systems is the creation of precision weapon systems using guided and homing missiles, rockets, projectiles, bombs, and other weaponry.'
  25. 'His truck had a homing device hidden under the front left wheel, and even the phones at work were tapped.'
  26. 'Jessie looked up from the remains of the homing device.'
  27. 'New types of torpedoes were hurried into production, the most important being the Mark 18 electric and the homing types.'


1. capable of returning home, usually over a great distance: We saw the homing birds at dusk.

2. guiding or directing homeward or to a destination, especially by mechanical means: the homing instinct; a homing beacon.

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"pigeons can be homing."

"missiles can be homing."

"instincts can be homing."

"devices can be homing."

"beacons can be homing."

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