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(of a place or surroundings) simple but cosy and comfortable, as in one's own home.
  1. 'Refreshments are served in a nice homely atmosphere.'
  2. 'To the right is the living room, a homely space with an open fireplace and large, comfortable armchairs.'
  3. 'As well as providing a homely environment, the project enables residents to pick up the skills they will need when they come to live independently.'
  4. 'The whole place had a very homely, cosy feel to it, and I just became accustomed to the rooms being unfinished.'
  5. 'The ethos is based on caring, socialisation and education in a homely environment, and each member of staff shows endless patience, love and commitment to our children.'
  6. 'There's a warm and homely atmosphere to go with the fare of traditional country cooking and game.'
  7. 'People are encouraged to use the centre on an informal basis where they can meet professionally trained people in a relaxed, calm and homely atmosphere.'
  8. 'The tables are plain pine, giving the whole restaurant a homely, farmhouse-kitchen feel.'
  9. 'Our tutors specialise in teaching beginners in a very relaxed homely atmosphere.'
  10. 'Use of warm, dim lighting goes some way to mask the ugly furnishings, creating a cosy, homely, inviting atmosphere.'
  11. 'She said hospital guides have shown that patients recover much more quickly in a normal, homely atmosphere.'
  12. 'Mary was blessed with a natural and homely disposition.'
  13. 'I would a thousand times rather have a homely girl, simply brought up, than a learned lady and a wit who would make a literary circle of my house and install herself as its president.'
  14. 'He was a much loved figure, witty, kind-hearted, and absent-minded, and his satires are plain, clear, homely, and predominantly good-natured.'
  15. 'A simple analogy or a homely metaphor does the trick to invite the reader to share his views, opinions, judgement and comments.'
  16. 'Eisenhower is seen as homely, modest and more at home as a coalition leader than as a field commander.'
  17. 'Surprisingly, then, it behoves the discerning reader to gravitate toward books that are homely.'
  18. 'Kate had a generosity of spirit that reached out to many and she was homely and welcoming to a fault.'
  19. 'Describing his cooking as a homely and comforting blend of English and European, Mark is passionate about his trade and prides himself as someone who does not compromise on quality.'
  20. 'His appeal to his listening public as brothers and sisters was an attempt to appear homely, patriotic, and even rather non-political.'
  21. 'The Chinese have an ordinary homely dish made of fish head stewed with tofu, which is bland and believed to be healthy.'
(of a person) unattractive in appearance.
  1. 'She had the same look, the same dark hair and nerdy glasses, homely appearance, and amazing personality.'
  2. 'They are far from ugly but compared to my mother's side of the family, they are simple and homely.'
  3. 'I was homely, and he didn't want me to embarrass him any more than was absolutely necessary.'
  4. 'She wasn't an ugly girl… just a bit unusual and homely at times, but never ugly.'
  5. 'The other teenage boy, a homely lad with a very unpleasant-looking big nose, looked as if a bomb had just exploded next to him.'
  6. 'One bite of this will be sure to turn even the most staid, homely lady into a volcanic sex pot instantly.'
  7. 'Donald Legg was a homely man, his nose was too large for his face.'
  8. 'It seemed as if just a month ago I was an underrated, homely girl with nothing but a dream.'


1. lacking in physical attractiveness; not beautiful; unattractive: a homely child.

2. not having elegance, refinement, or cultivation.

3. proper or suited to the home or to ordinary domestic life; plain; unpretentious: homely food.

4. commonly seen or known.

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"places can be homely with tables."

"people can be homely in sweaters."

"people can be homely in leggings."

"atmospheres can be homely."

"people can be homely."

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