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A domesticated pig, especially a castrated male reared for slaughter.
  1. 'If Kevin hadn't wanted to farm, says Jo, she would have immediately rented out the cropland and sold the hogs.'
  2. 'From the old world, settlers brought various vegetables and fruits but above all poultry, hogs, and cattle.'
  3. 'At one time they were raising hogs on three different farmsteads.'
  4. 'The hogs are farrowed outdoors or in barns or hoop buildings with bedding.'
  5. 'Half of the remaining 1.4% of the value of poultry products comes from farms that specialize in hogs and pigs, and the rest from general crop and/or livestock farms.'
  6. 'They started farrowing hogs when they moved to the rented farm in 1991 and have a traditional farrow-to-finish setup.'
  7. 'He rented ground and had 450 acres of corn and soybeans and a few hogs by the early 1980s.'
  8. 'Back in 1997, thousands of hogs were slaughtered in the wake of a large outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease, dealing a serious blow to pork exports and virtually crippling the local hog industry.'
  9. 'The Thompsons operate a 300-acre diverse crop and livestock farm, raising beef cattle and hogs.'
  10. 'Shrinking faster was the number of farms with hogs.'
  11. 'Here in South Texas there is always the possibility of encountering a 300 lb. feral hog while turkey hunting.'
  12. 'Last month California health officials said feral hogs might be to blame for this summer's E. coli bacteria outbreak in spinach that killed three people and sickened 200 others.'
  13. 'This included eradication of mosquitoes, plus elimination of non-native species such as water hyacinth by flooding with salt water and trapping nutria and feral hogs.'
  14. 'The pen was necessary to safeguard the feeder and its precious contents from cows and wild hogs.'
  15. 'Feral hogs are often found in the remote, rugged portions of the state's Ozarks mountain range, where thick brush and timber make it hard to locate and kill the animals.'
  16. 'An unmarked young hog born in the woods, however, could be claimed by the first person to find it.'
  17. 'Feral hogs have become a major problem in much of Texas, and can do considerable damage to wildlife and wildlife habitat.'
  18. 'He rode a large wild hog into battle usually with two roman candles under his arms, screaming his battle cry ‘Heeey youuu guuuuuys!’'
  19. '‘Come piggies,’ he calls to a family of plump Red River hogs.'
  20. 'Researchers in the late 1970s estimated that there were fewer than 150 pygmy hogs living in the wild.'
  21. 'Our King was, in a simple statement, a greedy, power-hungry covetous hog.'
  22. 'Worse, they're also tremendous space hogs, gobbling up dozens of precious square feet in useless aisle area.'
A large motorcycle, in particular a Harley Davidson.
  1. 'Whether you ride a moped or a Honda, a scooter or a vintage Hog, the organisers of the annual North Coast Children's Motorcycle Toy Run want you to join the ranks raising money for charity this weekend.'
  2. 'Jon told how he'd seen a report on the Spanish news about a whole load of Hog riders from America arriving on a boat that afternoon for a Harley Davidson convention.'
  3. 'It doesn't hurt that there are bunches of Harley accessories, too, that can set your Hog apart from everybody else's motorcycle.'
  4. 'I can identify the make, model, year and colour of the hog.'
  5. 'Before you ride off into the sunset on your hog, take a look at the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for motorcycle riding.'
  6. 'The country's most expensive hog is the Honda GoldWing GL1800, which costs over NT $1million.'
  7. 'The bikes are located at the front of the store, with memorabilia such as souvenirs, pictures, Harley chrome plates, and bike ornaments surrounding the hogs.'
  8. 'Without him, today's hog might be the ride of hoods rather than CEOs.'
  9. 'Apparently, it's also very "in" to refer to your bike as a "hog".'
  10. 'It would be a very brave person who would suggest to the crowds swarming around during Harley fest that their "hog" is essentially compensation for their lost youth.'
A young sheep before the first shearing.
  1. 'Perhaps I should explain that these hoggs are last year's ewe lambs that are to become flock replacements.'
  2. 'We are selling about 200 cattle each week and just short of 2,000 hoggs and lambs which is a good indicator of the demand.'
  3. 'The stock – cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, donkeys – are brought in and confined at night.'
  4. 'On Tuesday, March 26, we shall reopen the sheep market alone for the sale of spring lambs, hoggs and cull ewes by auction.'


Take or use most or all of (something) in an unfair or selfish way.
  1. 'Forest conservation has once again hogged the limelight in recent times with the Government taking steps on a war footing to control the magnitude of environmental degradation caused in the State.'
  2. 'How does she feel about cricket hogging the limelight in India, eclipsing achievements of other sportspersons?'
  3. '‘Leave it to my sister to hog all the attention at my party,’ Rachel sighed.'
  4. 'I know he hogs all the credit for anything and everything, but this kind of opportunity can't be passed up.'
  5. 'The winner is undefeated after three outings and is sure to hog the limelight in the coming months.'
  6. 'He sneered from the couch he was hogging all to himself by laying long way on it, resting on his side.'
  7. '‘I'll take this one, you've been hogging all the customers all day,’ she laughed and he playfully stuck out his tongue at her and resumed putting the cups where they belong.'
  8. 'Hot-shot models might have hogged the limelight during the last few days with the conduct of three fashion shows here, including two held one after another last Sunday, increasing the temperature of an already hot city.'
  9. 'It kind of sounds like I'm hogging you and that you can't be with your other friends.'
  10. 'Many actors just want to hog the limelight and be in front of the camera all the time.'
Cause (a ship or its keel) to curve up in the centre and sag at the ends as a result of strain.

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    1. a hoofed mammal of the family Suidae, order Artiodactyla, comprising boars and swine.

    2. a domesticated swine weighing 120 pounds (54 kg) or more, raised for market.

    3. a selfish, gluttonous, or filthy person.

    4. Slang. a large, heavy motorcycle. an impressively large luxury automobile.

    5. Also, hogg, hogget. British. a sheep about one year old that has not been shorn. the wool shorn from such a sheep. any of several other domestic animals, as a bullock, that are one year old.

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    "feeds can be hog."

    "slaughters can be hog."

    "lights can be hog."

    "kills can be hog."

    "choleras can be hog."

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    Late Old English hogg, hocg, perhaps of Celtic origin and related to Welsh hwch and Cornish hoch ‘pig, sow’.


    go the whole hog
    live high on (or off) the hog