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Bring one's hand or a tool or weapon into contact with (someone or something) quickly and forcefully.
  1. no object 'I hit out with my stick'
  2. 'Haley held the hammer just above the head of the chisel for a moment before flicking it back and bringing it down, hitting the jewel hard.'
  3. 'I blocked it by hitting it quickly back to his side.'
  4. 'Some common causes of fractures include falls, car accidents, child abuse, running, or something hitting the body.'
  5. 'One man suffered serious eye injuries as a result of being hit with a bottle.'
  6. 'Previously, detainees have been hit or tortured during questioning, villagers say.'
  7. 'Tyrhenae rolled over on the couch, accidentally hitting Tsuyoi on the head with her foot as she fell off.'
  8. 'He then hit Zoro over the head causing him serious injury, and took his wallet.'
  9. 'And if you encounter any Mizaya, remember that the only way you can kill them with your weapons is by hitting them in the eyes.'
  10. 'She let her gaze rest on the slipper for a moment, then brought it forward and hit it on her head.'
  11. 'The weapon never hit its mark, bouncing off of a barrier made from blackened shadows.'
  12. 'she fainted and hit her head on the metal bedstead'
  13. 'I managed to swerve and avoid hitting them but I grazed the bicycle and we all fell.'
  14. 'It was so dark out in the halls that he did not see the door and wound up hitting his head against it.'
  15. 'a car hit the barrier'
  16. 'That would depend on how forcefully it hits the floor and how much air pressure is in the ball.'
  17. 'It was the sound of Sarah hitting the floor that brought him out of his trance like state.'
  18. 'He fell quickly and soon hit the metal grating that was only about one foot in width by two foot in width.'
  19. 'He dove down into the prepped hole and spread his wings before he hit the sand.'
  20. 'The feeling of someone's foot hitting her chair brought her back to reality.'
  21. 'At the least, get some forewarning before crossing the street at the wrong time and getting hit by a bus, and that sort of thing.'
  22. 'The sound of someone hitting the water brought her attention back.'
  23. 'Mr Scaife said the women had severe head injuries consistent with being hit by a train.'
  24. 'It is believed he was hit by a car and fell backwards, suffering serious head injuries which led to his death 10 days later.'
  25. 'He lost control of the car on a sharp bend, veered on to the wrong side and hit a Corsa then Mr Rowland's Mazda.'
  26. 'She quickly reached over, hitting the speakerphone button.'
  27. 'Daniel smiled at me as he quickly hit the play button and the screen blanked out as the movie started.'
  28. 'He hit the gate control button and the gate lifted, allowing for the van to pass through.'
  29. 'If you like what we do, then you can help us by hitting the donate button on the right hand side.'
  30. 'I would have to hit the connect button again and then try again to open a Web page.'
  31. 'There are a variety of combos to pull off but they must be done by switching through your weapons while rapidly hitting the punch or kick button.'
  32. 'Keep hitting that F5 button and it could well be!'
  33. 'Naturally, the first thing the reader does is hit the Google button.'
  34. 'He pulled out two dollars and put it in the machine before hitting the Mountain Dew button.'
  35. 'Today, however, he only laughed and shook his head before hitting the ignore button on his phone.'
(of a missile or a person aiming one) strike (a target)
  1. 'Every bullet hit its target as she accurately predicted the movements of her enemies.'
  2. 'Violence returned six centuries later when Mile End was hit by London's first ever flying bomb.'
  3. 'He was unfortunate enough to be hit in the head by a high-velocity military rifle bullet.'
  4. 'He heard the German aircraft overhead and the explosions as the bombs fell, but had no idea the town centre was being hit.'
  5. 'Mr Sykes, 52, an epileptic, was nearly hit by the missiles and later suffered a minor fit he blames on the attack.'
  6. 'The missiles hit the target with a force the size of the planet they were orbiting.'
  7. 'An explosion rocked the hull as the back end of the helicopter was hit by the missile.'
  8. 'Huge plasma screens were used to show the assembled media grainy footage of missiles hitting their targets.'
  9. 'Every one of the soldiers inside the Red Death was hit by hundreds of ricocheting bullets.'
  10. 'One fan, hit by a missile hurled through a window, was treated for a head wound.'
  11. with object and clause 'it hit her that I wanted to settle down here'
  12. 'The disappointment of being ignored by both Gauss and Cauchy hit Abel hard.'
  13. 'Realization hit Alsan like a blow as the brigand walked over to the twins' open coffin.'
Cause harm or distress to.
  1. 'it hit him very hard when Rosie left'
  2. 'The virus has resulted in staff shortages at several hospitals but has hit Hope Hospital badly.'
  3. 'Warminster town councillor Les Rose said the closures would hit the elderly hardest.'
  4. 'The event in Umag was hit by a string of retirements on Tuesday.'
  5. 'Staveley, near Chesterfield, has been hit hard by the closure of a number of major employers in the last decade.'
  6. 'I believe the charging regime is hitting local York businesses hard, and have never seen Micklegate so quiet as it has been in recent weeks.'
  7. 'Clearly, the downward turn in the business cycle is hitting Germany hard.'
  8. 'Major problems hit Glossop town centre from 5pm after the River Etherow burst its banks.'
  9. 'the country was hit by a major earthquake'
  10. 'A couple who live only a quarter of a mile from the blast site woke up believing the area had been hit by an earthquake.'
  11. 'Last year the Island was struck head-on by Hurricane Fabian, the worst to hit Bermuda in fifty years.'
  12. 'In the countries badly hit by this disaster, livestock and working animals can be vital to the lives of rural communities.'
  13. 'Mr Kapu said the area would be hit by hunger if the farmers continued to sell their maize at give-away prices.'
  14. 'The North Battleford and Walkerton water disasters hit Canadians as a mighty shock.'
  15. 'To then have other parts of the country, some not so far from that Otago area itself, hit by floods is rather ironic.'
  16. 'Even though the data is backed up, what guarantee is there that you can restore the data when disaster hits?'
  17. 'What's the pattern of response from government, when disaster hits?'
  18. 'People are refusing to go inside as the area is still being hit by aftershocks.'
  19. 'But on the afternoon of their Edinburgh debut, their show was hit by disaster.'
  20. 'banks hit back at claims that small firms were being squeezed into bankruptcy'
  21. 'A driver has hit back at claims he is a thug by insisting he was only protecting his eight-month old daughter.'
  22. 'Exodus Travel have hit back over claims the vehicle was not properly licensed.'
  23. 'A pupil today hit back at constant criticism of her school as plans were revealed for it to become a sports college.'
  24. 'Residents of Vange today hit back in the war of words with Billericay over which is the better area in which to live.'
  25. 'The officer in charge of policing in the North Cotswolds has hit back at criticism of the force.'
  26. 'It is the whole future of the National Health Service he wants to address, hitting back at claims he is shifting it over to private provision.'
  27. 'Residents have hit back at claims the street in which they live is plagued by crime and prostitution.'
  28. 'However, staff have hit back at the criticism saying the pub's business was being affected.'
  29. 'Traffic chiefs have hit back at criticism that they are using speed cameras to make money, rather than save lives.'
  30. 'Police in Swindon have hit back at criticism over rising burglary rates.'
  31. 'Computer thieves hit Mesh Computers last night and swiped its office admin PCs.'
Reach (a particular level, point, or figure)
  1. 'his career hit rock bottom'
  2. 'Approvals for new house constructions have already hit the lowest level for three years.'
  3. 'The Australian dollar may top 70 cents sometime this week after hitting its highest levels for nearly six years.'
  4. 'The family of an ill youngster have hit the right notes to find a new way of bringing a smile to his face.'
  5. 'After hitting a few wrong notes, Jedidah was able to copy the notes Vespera played perfectly.'
  6. 'Last year the figure reached capacity, with deliveries hitting the maximum so-called safe number of 4,800.'
  7. 'The songs emerge with great intros but quickly hit a standstill and that's where it all goes downhill.'
  8. 'On some flights we are hitting that [figure], on some we're not.'
  9. 'This is Silicon Alley where Lower Broadway hits trendy Greenwich Village.'
  10. 'Our love affair with borrowing and spending now seems to be grinding to a halt, with retail sales figures hitting a 10-year low in April.'
  11. 'the opening of the town centre hit a snag'
  12. 'Coming back to the form of two years ago, Westmeath have been hit by a chilling catalogue of injuries.'
  13. 'Honduras has been hit by a week-long strike of heavy cargo truck drivers and oil workers.'
  14. 'I know what it's like to be in a side that gets hit by injuries.'
  15. 'A group were handing out leaflets at the weekend in part of Oldham, hit by recent race riots, when police moved in.'
  16. 'We have got a small squad and when we have been hit with suspensions and injuries it has made it difficult.'
  17. 'Agents agree that the top end of the market has been hit by the recent downturn.'
  18. 'Manchester Airport was hit by a small-scale strike by security workers today.'
  19. 'But the Flaxby Road outfit have been hit by a horrendous injury list that has robbed them of six first team players.'
  20. 'However, in recent matches Baltinglass too have been hit by the injury bug.'
  21. 'The management committee at the St Michael's Centre is understood to have been hit by a massive rent increase.'
  22. 'The McDonald's travelling caravan hits Montreal this Friday night at the Maurice Richard arena.'
  23. 'On Wednesday it's East London's turn and on Thursday the show hits Port Elizabeth.'
  24. 'A tour of some of the best up and coming bands hits the Forum with both a matinee and evening show.'
  25. 'Star Wars mania hit London last night as film big guns headed to the premiere of the latest instalment in the space saga.'
  26. 'And the Bill Clinton autobiography hits stores this week.'
  27. 'we sat waiting for the caffeine to hit'
  28. 'I said slowly as I began to feel the first drink hitting me.'
  29. 'He might spot them in time to hit me with another dose of the sedative and then I'd be in deep, deep trouble.'
  30. 'She, Elaina and Lauren had stayed out all night, hitting all the parties on the campus.'
  31. 'It wasn't like she was going to hit all the clubs in the city at night and get all drunk.'
  32. 'How about hitting five exotic locales in one fab trip?'
Propel (a ball) with a bat, racket, stick, etc. to score runs or points in a game.
  1. 'We quickly made the flip and caught Damon Stoudamire hitting Zach Randolph for the game winner.'
  2. 'But Kitna quieted them quickly, hitting his first two passes for 25 yards.'
  3. 'Lee also should flourish at the plate hitting at Wrigley Field.'
  4. 'Enter Steve Nebraska, a goofy guy living in a small Mexican town with knack for hitting and pitching.'
  5. 'Sinead Coakley won possession on the left and sped down the left wing and hit the post.'
  6. 'Under pressure to hit it quickly, the midfielder boomed his shot high over the crossbar.'
  7. 'Or (to take a different example) someone familiar with a cricket bat regards it as a piece of wood for hitting balls.'
  8. 'Breaking on the right, he cut in and hit a low, hard shot which the keeper could only parry into the net.'
  9. 'Equally skilled at hitting, fielding, and base running, he led the Yankees to ten pennants and eight world championships.'
  10. 'Both have improved their deficiencies-Gotay in fielding and Murphy in hitting.'
  11. 'When the winning run is on base and a home run is hit, all runs and the batter are allowed to score.'
  12. 'So, if you hit a home run you get one because you have scored.'
  13. 'After getting some pine tar from the top of his gooey batting helmet, he hit a solo home run with two outs.'
  14. 'Pujols worked Harville to a full count before hitting his 23rd home run into the Houston bullpen.'
  15. 'Did you see that home run he hit the other night against the Cards?'

More definitions

1. to deal a blow or stroke to: Hit the nail with the hammer.

2. to come against with an impact or collision, as a missile, a flying fragment, a falling body, or the like: The car hit the tree.

3. to reach with a missile, a weapon, a blow, or the like, as one throwing, shooting, or striking: Did the bullet hit him?

4. to succeed in striking: With his final shot he hit the mark.

5. Baseball. to make (a base hit): He hit a single and a home r

More examples(as adjective)

"francs can be hit to marks."

"dollars can be hit against marks."

"costs can be hit according to estimates."

"shares can be hit in/at/on dates."

"sectors can be hit by crunches."

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