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  1. 'I am one of those pretentious liberal hets who often use the word ‘partner’ instead of ‘girlfriend’.'
  2. 'Most het women only see female genitalia in photographs and video.'
  3. 'Dante took me to a party, the attendees of which were mostly gay, with the exception of one het couple and a bunch of girls like me.'
  4. 'Which brings up an interesting point, how come they don't have any sites like this for us hets?'
  5. 'He was very patient with them, but I can see why more hets don't talk about it openly.'
  6. 'Adoption agencies will have to give equal weight to applications from non-married het couples and gay couples, I suppose.'
  7. 'Homoerotic or just plain erotic, it can be hard to tell, as characters slip between gay and het, male and female, child and adult.'
  8. 'Though not the only right-winger club to voice their disapproval of the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, in which five gay men give makeovers to frumpy hets, the Montana Family Coalition has certainly become the most quotable.'
  9. 'As more than one op-ed person has pointed out, if ‘protecting het marriages’ is a national priority, why not outlaw divorce and up the penalties for adultery?'
  10. 'While issues surrounding intimacy, trust and condom use are similar for hets, gays and lesbians, the latter two groups face particular concerns because of the lack of acceptance of homosexuality.'

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1. a heterosexual person. adjective

2. heterosexual.

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"newspapers can be het."

"people can be het."

"belangs can be het."

"races can be het."

"herplaatsens can be het."

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