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  1. 'His infamous recording studio the Gas Station could be considered the hub of the Canadian indie rock sound, plus he's one hep producer to boot.'
  2. '‘My mom fancies herself very hep to the jive,’ Cara says.'
  3. 'In the past one year, lightweight gold jewellery gained acceptance among the young and hep crowd, which used to associate gold with traditions, festival, and other ostentatious occasions.'
  4. 'The multi-coloured hand-made umbrellas made with transparent plastic, with big curved handles, look quite hep and cost 150 rupees each.'
  5. 'And Tyler should be home from the trip to Austin, Texas, where he played with his other band, the hep Dino Martinis.'
  6. 'It immediately calls to mind your junior high health teacher trying to use hep slang to tell you about why drugs are bad.'
  7. 'And while moving to a trailer home in Utopia, Texas and living off-grid sounds great to me, my wife wasn't too hep on the idea.'
  8. 'It was the only name I sort of recognized, seeing that I wasn't hep to the underground coolness vibe of a Vito Valentinetti just yet, so I showed it to my pop and asked him about this Mickey Mantle.'
  9. 'They know they're the coolest little hole in the wall on Whyte, a prairie oasis of hep tunes wherein two currencies are accepted: cash or trade.'
  10. 'It's not only the variety of brand, but a variety of designs and affordable price range that seems to have let loose a buying spree among the hep crowd.'



    1. hip4 .

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    "people can be hep unto deaths."

    "results can be hep."

    "cats can be hep."

    "porters can be hep."

    "people can be hep."

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