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The edge of a piece of cloth or clothing which has been turned under and sewn.
  1. 'she took up the hem'
  2. 'It was deep scarlet in color, with gold embroidery along the hem and the neckline.'
  3. 'Patrik Cox has distinguished himself by the extensive use of rhinestones on stretch trousers, trimming pockets, hems and side seams with bands of glittering stones.'
  4. 'I sewed the armhole and neckline hems with a scant 1/4" seam; the bottom hem is about l/2".'
  5. 'Add design interest to a neckline and sleeve or lower edge hems by using a contrasting fabric for facings.'
  6. 'It looked to be made of white silk and the hem and edges were embroidered with iridescent velvet.'
  7. 'Nicole pulled out a purple dress enlaced with pearls on the hem and neckline.'
  8. 'Blue panels are stitched around the sleeves and the hem of the dress.'
  9. 'Top-stitched hems on denim garments tend to curl up to the outside.'
  10. 'The gown was made of the smoothest painted red silk with a red lace trim on the hem and the neckline, which swooped down low in a prettily way.'
  11. 'I bent down, discreetly holding the hem of my mini dress as down as it would go, and rolled the empty can of paint remover under the car behind me.'


Turn under and sew the edge of (a piece of cloth)
  1. 'She took a few pins out of her mouth and began hemming the dress she was working on.'
  2. 'Then she began hemming it to the ‘proper length’, which was a bit shorter than I was used to but not so short as to give my dad a heart attack.'
  3. 'After measuring and cutting the canopy and headboard panel, narrowly hem the edges or bind them with coordinating binding strips.'
  4. 'Short-sleeve style S500T is double-needle hemmed at the sleeve cuffs and is constructed without a back pleat.'
  5. 'I am only vaguely involved in this year's school production, but I am involved as I spent some time this weekend hemming the ends of tablecloths for it.'
  6. 'It has a tailored collar with top button loop, hemmed sleeves, matte pearl buttons, a double-layer back yoke with pleats, left chest pocket and a clean-finish hem with side vents.'
  7. 'The sleeves and the bottom of the jacket are hemmed with a narrow band of elasticized fabric.'
  8. 'And since people are different heights, shouldn't shorts be hemmed so that the shorts appear in proportion to the person's height?'
  9. 'The easiest hemming method is to zigzag or serge the raw edge and catch-stitch the hem in place, first midway into the hem, then at the hem edge.'
  10. 'She hemmed the edges for your white handkerchiefs.'
Surround and restrict the space or movement of someone or something.
  1. 'As he and his colleagues are hemmed in by plummeting temperatures in their tiny Scottish weather station, they witness and report on the progress of the chaos spreading across the northern hemisphere.'
  2. 'It seemed as if life would offer them everything yet there they were hemming themselves in with this terrible ideology.'
  3. 'And you've hemmed your opponents in politically by doing this.'
  4. 'Now, however, I was quite alone, and hoping to outrun the storm which was beginning to stretch out over the shallowing canyon walls which hemmed me in on either side.'
  5. 'Many times, when there is a clear path between point A and B, the designers use artificial fences and trees to hem you in.'
  6. 'Shirley is born later, but in her family and community, she finds herself similarly surrounded by cultural codes that hem her in.'
  7. 'This sparked outrage among some of the other marchers who jostled with the cordon of officers who had hemmed them in.'
  8. 'She tried to shrug, but the close walls hemmed her in, so she just made a face.'
  9. 'An elderly woman was left trapped inside a telephone kiosk in Carlow town when a careless motorist parked right up to the doorway hemming her in.'
  10. 'After Trafalgar, the Empire was hemmed in and its many enemies began circling their prey.'

Pronunciation /həm//hɛm/exclamation

Used in writing to indicate a sound made when coughing or clearing the throat to attract attention or to express hesitation.
  1. 'Wang apparently forgot to ask about the keys for the machine when he purchased it for the, uh hem, bargain price of $75 off a man in East Harlem.'


Make a sound in the throat when hesitating or as a signal.
  1. 'Ira hems, haws, stamps his feet, clears his throat.'

More definitions

1. to fold back and sew down the edge of (cloth, a garment, etc.); form an edge or border on or around.

2. to enclose or confine (usually followed by in, around, or about): hemmed in by enemies. noun

3. an edge made by folding back the margin of cloth and sewing it down.

4. the edge or border of a garment, drape, etc., especially at the bottom.

5. the edge, border, or margin of anything.

6. Architecture. the raised edge forming the volute of an I

More examples(as adjective)

"tradings can be hem by tops."

"tradings can be hem by pressures."

"dollars can be hem into ranges."

"dollars can be hem in places."

"dollars can be hem by fears."

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(hem)Late 15th century: imitative.


hem and haw