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Large and heavy.
  1. 'A hefty and bulky taxi pod slammed onto the docking lane from their right through another open gate.'
  2. 'He picked up his hefty, metal sword and cast it upon his heavy, muscular spine.'
  3. 'The walls are pleasingly solid, and the doors hefty wood, with two between the bedroom and the corridor, a boon for light sleepers.'
  4. 'Quite surprisingly it looks extremely nice, and while quite hefty feels extremely solid.'
  5. 'His role as an American warrior in feudal Japan meant long days in bulky armor swinging a hefty sword.'
  6. 'Now there was a fellow as tough as a maddened bear - a hefty, red-haired chap with a voice as strong as his muscles.'
  7. 'The book is a hefty volume of 549 pages, which is pretty massive, especially for an opening book.'
  8. 'I am inundated every day with hefty, couriered packages telling me about the new Disney release or the next big thing out on EMI.'
  9. 'a hefty £10 million'
  10. 'Investigators are predicting more guilty pleas and hefty settlements.'
  11. 'Naturally, this meant a hefty amount of foreign travel.'
  12. 'Yesterday, I actually did a hefty amount of proper studying.'
  13. 'I finally decided to splurge on the grilled salmon, offered at a hefty $18.'
  14. 'In an attempt at capitalising on this parental anxiety, many private institutions come out with packages that carry a hefty price tag.'
  15. 'A disabled car owner has been left with no transport and a hefty bill after vandals sprayed his car with a corrosive substance.'
  16. 'We have been left a legacy of ugly, vacant and derelict land and also a hefty financial burden to clean it up.'
  17. 'It may be paying a hefty amount to the people who actually steal these prints and copy them, but even that amount would not be too substantial.'
  18. 'But companies also have to pay hefty state or city taxes.'
  19. 'A hefty number of you responded that you'd only do it if someone taught you.'
Done with vigour or force.
  1. 'I stay staring at him until he's out of sight, before giving myself a hefty mental kick.'
  2. 'But there was no shortage of beefy tackles and hefty challenges in the long standing tradition of Scottish football.'
  3. 'He's taken a hefty kick in the face for his troubles, mind.'
  4. 'She directed his hand to the proper spot and his eyes lit up as he felt the hefty kicks of another of his grandchildren.'
  5. 'Hargreaves is down injured after taking a hefty kick in the knee.'
  6. 'My arms ached like they'd been repeatedly thumped, and there was an aching in my stomach which suggested they'd given me a hefty kick in the balls.'


1. heavy; weighty: a hefty book.

2. big and strong; powerful; muscular: a hefty athlete.

3. impressively large or substantial: a hefty increase in salary.

More examples(as adjective)

"volumes can be hefty with worths."

"volumes can be hefty at markkas."

"rates can be hefty at percents."

"interests can be hefty at lots."

"impacts can be hefty on properties."

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