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Of great weight; difficult to lift or move.
  1. 'the pan was too heavy for me to carry'
  2. 'I smiled, shook my head, and lifted the heavy mechanism with only some difficulty.'
  3. 'Yesterday, cranes lifted heavy chunks of concrete, metal beams and giant buckets of broken building materials.'
  4. 'How did they know they would be allowed to get away with the trucks they must have used to move the heavy artifacts which they stole?'
  5. 'Am I supposed to scream that my brother has to set the table too and must I lift a heavy load to prove my freedom?'
  6. 'As for the helmet, he hadn't noticed it until he tried to lift his head and found that it was too heavy to move.'
  7. 'It certainly proves that Bob can fix an engine or lift heavy loads.'
  8. 'The doll wiggled and struggled to get free but the weight of Adam's foot on its chest was too heavy for it to move off.'
  9. 'Although they look like bags of flour, they are heavy and difficult to lift.'
  10. 'The ladies made it quite clear that the tables and chairs were too heavy for them to lift, and asked the Council for assistance.'
  11. 'She has her groceries packed with a small quantity in each bag as she cannot lift heavy loads.'
  12. 'How tall and how heavy is an average model supposed to be to have a good career?'
  13. 'If they really existed, just how heavy would those plates have been given the size and description by Smith?'
  14. 'heavy woollens'
  15. 'But the heavy artillery proved too much for the overwhelmed natives and the last sad remnants of the tribe fled into the bush.'
  16. 'On paper, Italy have enough heavy artillery to do something similar on Saturday evening.'
  17. 'The number of horses was scarcely up to the average, the heavy draught horses being not quite so plentiful.'
  18. 'The spiritual battle needs the heavy artillery of fasting and prayer.'
  19. 'It's time to call in the heavy artillery: the president of the United States.'
  20. 'With this kind of heavy artillery, it's surprising these guys didn't win long ago.'
  21. 'At the championship the Bulgarian team will defend its titles in the heavy categories, which are scheduled for the end of the week.'
  22. 'In fact they put up a spirited fight for much of this contest, but lacked the heavy artillery.'
  23. 'branches heavy with blossoms'
  24. 'While his voice was hardly dissenting, it was heavy with cautiousness and pragmatism.'
  25. 'A long silence weighs heavy with the major decisions he has made in his life.'
  26. 'The room was heavy with smoke, for in the center burned a groggy fire.'
  27. 'The fragrance is intense and long stems are heavy with deep-orange pollen that stains if brushed against.'
  28. 'Today, more than 25 years later and with his sensational trial underway, it is heavy with irony.'
  29. 'Soon enough the flowering trees would be heavy with blossoms, and it would be his favorite time of year.'
  30. 'His voice is heavy with sarcasm, and it strikes me like a punch, hard and fast.'
  31. 'The proceedings however, are heavy with the hand of the local government.'
  32. 'He stood, suddenly heavy with guilt and a kind of sorrow he could not express.'
  33. 'But now the lineup is heavy with rookies, and the coaches don't like to use young players.'
  34. 'With effort, she raised herself into a sitting position and realized that her head was uncannily heavy.'
  35. 'Her heavy head rested on her arm, and her face wore a blank expression.'
  36. 'Closing my heavy eyes again I feel myself falling into a swirling mist that refuses to settle.'
  37. 'My head is heavy, my big toe is itching and my stomach feels all nostalgic.'
  38. 'After hours of sitting at a desk, the head is heavy and eyes are tired.'
  39. 'His eyes were heavy and cute, a permanent smile plastered on his lips.'
  40. 'Often hearts are dull, however, ears are tired of listening, and eyes are heavy or closed.'
  41. 'Her eyes were too heavy to open and all that reached her ears were voices that she didn't understand.'
  42. 'A heavy head from the previous night's celebrations only added to their pain.'
  43. 'And you just want to lay your incredibly heavy head on your pillow and sleep sleep sleep the pain away?'
Of great density; thick or substantial.
  1. 'heavy horn-rimmed glasses'
  2. 'They drew aside a thick and heavy curtain that led to another layer of thin curtains.'
  3. 'He sauntered along, still wearing his heavy coat and woolen hat which was never, ever removed.'
  4. 'The felt is quite heavy and thicker than normal blinds and the felt I use is very uniform and flat, almost like parchment as it has bits of seeds and wood from the sheep in it.'
  5. 'A late-autumn storm shoved heavy gray clouds across the sky and into the distance.'
  6. 'Most of the seated figures wear a distinctive heavy robe with thick, rounded borders.'
  7. 'Aching from head to toe, Clara pulled the thick, heavy robe around her waist and cinched the belt tighter.'
  8. 'I am also wearing very thick, heavy socks, and my feet are STILL cold.'
  9. 'A little bit of blue could be seen between the heavy gray clouds, which were indeed on their way south.'
  10. 'The mist around them turned to a thick heavy fog, laden with mystery, and death.'
  11. 'Neither man struggled when their arms were bound with a thick heavy rope.'
  12. 'he had a big moustache and heavy features'
  13. 'The site will be suitable for all ages, and will not feature heavy language.'
  14. 'The building features window keystones, coloured tiles, and heavy overhanging cornices.'
  15. 'This may have been a rather heavy dish, but it suited me down to the ground.'
  16. 'The doctor said that I won't be able to eat a lot of heavy foods - something like that.'
  17. 'The waitress recommended the banana cake, but it sounded a little too heavy after such a filling meal.'
  18. 'If sliced bread is too heavy, place the meat with a little lettuce and a splash of mustard or dressing in a spinach tortilla wrap.'
  19. 'Melons should not be eaten with heavy foods like cheese, deep-fried foods or the heavier grains.'
  20. 'I cooked more healthfully by omitting heavy sauces and oil, using nonfat cooking spray instead.'
  21. 'You may wish to avoid heavy foods before sleeping and you may also want to try a simplified diet for a week.'
  22. 'Not as many clothes, not as much heavy food, and no problems with snow or ice.'
  23. 'The best bit is none of these desserts is too heavy, but they'll round off a meal in style.'
  24. 'Weather patterns are changing and we have more downpours today; if your soil is heavy, the water does not drain away.'
  25. 'Whether the soil is heavy clay or sandy and very free draining, it can be greatly improved by the addition of bulky organic matter.'
  26. 'Mix grit in with heavy soil and sit the bulbs on a layer of grit to stop them rotting.'
  27. 'If you have heavy soil, dry and bright days are a good chance to get out and dig it over so that the frost can help break it down over winter.'
  28. 'If your soil is very heavy clay and drains poorly, you might want to build a raised bed.'
  29. 'In areas with heavy clay soil, add a layer of lightly structured topsoil.'
  30. 'The roots tend to stay in a compact ball and are too fine to get through heavy clay soils.'
  31. 'The Irish spade also performs beautifully in tight spaces or in heavy clay or rocky soils.'
  32. 'This is a heavy soil and is sticky when wet making it hard to work with.'
  33. 'The heavy clay garden soil that you regularly curse over is fine for aquatic plants.'
  34. 'Soon, she was very near to Dave, and he could smell a heavy perfume from her.'
  35. 'Crushing it with her fingers, a heavy sweet scent started to surround her.'
  36. 'He had matches and there was oil, a heavy, sick smell.'
  37. 'The city loomed before her, the heavy smells of smog and people and life moving all around her.'
  38. 'The heavy smell of liquor hung in the air, assaulting my sensitive nose, and making my eyes water.'
  39. 'Her mind was still hazy and the heavy scent of the colorless liquid wasn't helping her head much.'
  40. 'I was suddenly aware of how noisy and rowdy the party was, and I noted the heavy smell of alcohol in the air.'
  41. 'My dry cleaner was able to get the heavy smoke smell out… but the discoloration of the fabric remains.'
  42. 'Within the heavy smell of must there was the slightest fragrance of perfume.'
  43. 'OK, so they didn't really cancel the race, but boy, a lot of people were left wishing they had, and there was a heavy smell of dead fish.'
  44. 'a heavy thundery sky'
  45. 'It felt as if I could run forever and nothing mattered except the heavy sky above me.'
  46. 'It was tipping it down now and the sky was dark and heavy.'
  47. 'It has been quite light on my drive to work for the last few weeks but today it was darker again with a very heavy sky.'
  48. 'After an hour the fairways and greens were laced with perspiration as the two divisions toiled away under the heavy skies.'
  49. 'A heavy overcast sky presses down relentlessly as the passing traffic swallows up the remaining air.'
  50. 'I sat beside the downstairs window late in the evening, staring out at the heavy sky.'
  51. 'Finally, you build an atom smasher and physically knock helium nuclei from some heavy atoms.'
  52. 'The nuclei of heavy isotopes are rich in neutrons, which dominate their nuclear surface.'
Of more than the usual size, amount, or intensity.
  1. 'the traffic was heavy and I was delayed'
  2. 'Very often when this happens I'll come down with a heavy cold or something a few days later but sometimes it just can't be pinned on anything in particular.'
  3. 'They say the town already suffers from heavy amounts of traffic and that the additional houses will only add to it.'
  4. 'Most people confuse flu with a heavy cold, but flu is usually more severe.'
  5. 'He did not normally drink because he suffered from ulcers, but at the time had a heavy cold.'
  6. 'I bumbled through the weekend dopily and fell into a heavy sleep last night - my bed too comfortable, hot water bottle too comforting.'
  7. 'I dozed fitfully and uncomfortably at first and then fell into a deep, heavy sleep.'
  8. 'Very quickly, it became obvious that this was a trap, and they'd been set up for a heavy amount of damage.'
  9. 'Both systems were very intense; both inflicted heavy damage on significant population centres.'
  10. 'Root River is located on a highway near a state park, which creates heavy summer traffic.'
  11. 'He also claimed he had been fighting with a heavy cold.'
  12. 'It looks like the snooze has turned into a heavy sleep in the past couple of seasons.'
  13. 'Barker said he had to drive slowly because of the heavy traffic and icy conditions.'
  14. 'I tend to go a little heavy on the sauce, hence the extra straining.'
  15. 'a heavy smoker'
  16. 'And heavy smokers would be expected to pledge to give up cigarettes.'
  17. 'My two uncles who were both heavy smokers died of a different illness two years after quitting the habit.'
  18. 'I'm not a heavy smoker, but I think it's an infringement of my civil rights.'
  19. 'As a one-time heavy smoker, I know what it will be like for you not being able to smoke when and where you want to.'
  20. 'The man had drunk up to two bottles of whisky a day and was a heavy smoker for the last 50 years of his life, the audience was told.'
  21. 'In fact, children of heavy smokers are often fervent anti-smokers.'
  22. 'He and his wife Joanne, also a heavy smoker, went for an initial session with Richard at which he assessed how easy they would be to hypnotise.'
  23. 'Screening is most cost effective when targeted at high risk groups for example, heavy drinkers and smokers.'
  24. 'Higher levels of disposal income during the economic boom has seen an increase in the number of heavy smokers in Ireland.'
  25. 'We discussed smoking a bit, as both Rebecca and I had quit, but Ray was a heavy smoker.'
Striking or falling with force.
  1. 'we had heavy overnight rain'
  2. 'Fishing was considered good even though heavy rain fell all through the day.'
  3. 'The sound of a heavy fall on to the floor was followed by silence.'
  4. 'At this time, I noticed that the wind had picked up, but I thought it was to be expected considering the heavy rain that was falling.'
  5. 'It is also predicted to be one of heavy showers and above average tropical storm activity.'
  6. 'A couple of weeks after the monarch's announcement, heavy rain began to fall, thus ending the drought.'
  7. 'With number 13 on his back, the horse took a heavy fall after one of the hurdles and went crashing to the ground.'
  8. 'As yesterday's heavy fall off a ladder becomes old hat, an even heavier fall will be required to get a laugh in next week's episode.'
  9. 'The forecast for today is blustery showers and heavy falls likely with some longer spells of rain expected.'
  10. 'The trio stretched their lead to nearly six minutes at the 90 km mark, but they were gradually reeled in as heavy rain began to fall in Brittany.'
  11. 'The freezing conditions on Saturday were tough for the two teams as heavy rain fell for spells making the surface very wet and slippy.'
  12. 'I had a sudden urge to listen to my heavy rock music and went to drag my backpack out of the closet where I had deposited it.'
  13. 'One moment it's an acoustic ballad, next it's a heavy rock song, next it's something you just can't put your finger on.'
  14. 'For a band that has largely focused on a heavy type of music, the fact that they can put together good slower songs shows that they are maturing well.'
  15. 'The ongoing success of heavy rock music is safe in their hands.'
  16. 'This is the raw sound of heavy rock with emphasis on high-energy shows and short, concise songs.'
  17. 'It climaxes with a heavy rock beat as the band constructs a self-portrait of being on various journeys, only to return home.'
  18. 'The sidechain filter is great for mixes where heavy kick drum and bass can cause excessive pumping.'
  19. 'Finishing with an acoustic track would seem an inept way of completing a quintessentially heavy rock album but it works.'
  20. 'She knew that her brother would want to play the CD through several times more and she had never been much of a fan of heavy rock music.'
  21. 'Like I said before, I've never really been into heavy music, but this gets my full endorsement.'
  22. 'They played heavy techno and loud rock and every night was almost like a rave.'
Needing much physical effort.
  1. 'Chronic fatigue may be the result of heavy physical work, which might be experienced by women in such circumstances.'
  2. 'In many parts of the New World, harvest can be a time of heavy physical work for moderately low pay under trying conditions.'
  3. 'Women and men do heavy physical labor; however, domestic work is an exclusively female domain.'
  4. 'Most of them were or had been heavy smokers, had attained a relatively low level of education, and had been employed in heavy physical work.'
  5. 'Long hours in jobs involving heavy physical labour are less harmful though only to a point.'
  6. 'Boiling up shirts and sheets, ironing, polishing floors and furniture, blacking grates and shining silver used to be heavy work.'
  7. 'I can do the heavy work for you as well - I'm a keen gardener myself and I'll enjoy the work.'
  8. 'The work is too heavy for me but I gave moral support, in particular chatting to the invalid while the labour was in progress.'
  9. 'He does the heavy work, while Sarah does the interior design.'
  10. 'Her husband, Terry, 50, may lend a hand with heavy work but Sharon wears the overalls.'
  11. 'steering that is heavy when parking'
  12. 'You will always have steering albeit heavy steering even if you lose your power steering.'
Very important or serious.
  1. 'I think his diction determines an approach to things which is serious and heavy and committed.'
  2. 'Avoid being heavy and serious as a playful attitude allows you to feel unburdened and free.'
  3. 'I don't think you have to be in these serious, heavy, independent little movies to be an actor.'
  4. 'There are no deep theories here about world events, or heavy discussion of causes and solutions.'
  5. 'The actress/director known for heavy works with a concentration on dense language, has had two projects this month marked by a lightness of approach and a delight in humorous details.'
  6. 'a heavy burden of responsibility'
  7. 'Acquiring and maintaining self-care skills place a particularly heavy burden on African Americans.'
  8. 'Piloting an aeroplane is a recreational activity that carries with it a heavy burden of responsibility.'
  9. 'I left him with a heavy heart'
  10. 'He laments on this with heavy heart because his brother had died in the mean time and he is yet to meet his granddaughter.'
  11. 'things were getting pretty heavy'
  12. 'my parents were getting really heavy with me in terms of work'


1. of great weight; hard to lift or carry: a heavy load.

2. of great amount, quantity, or size; extremely large; massive: a heavy vote; a heavy snowfall.

3. of great force, intensity, turbulence, etc.: a heavy sea.

4. of more than the usual or average weight: a heavy person; heavy freight.

5. having much weight in proportion to bulk; being of high specific gravity: a heavy metal.

6. of major import; grave; serious: a heavy offense.

7. deep o

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