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(of a feeling or its expression) deeply and strongly felt; sincere.
  1. 'The woman looked blissfully content, as though she had been granted her most heartfelt desire.'
  2. 'It is easy to misuse one of the most heartfelt passions of mankind, namely, religion.'
  3. 'The quality content has left me feeling mentally stimulated and with heartfelt hope.'
  4. 'To her family and friends, we offer our deepest and heartfelt sympathy on the loss of their loved one.'
  5. 'But then he looked up at her with a heartfelt expression, and proceeded to beg.'
  6. 'Work on keeping a balance between heartfelt enthusiasm and manic overzealotry.'
  7. 'Alex shrugged as she dug out a small chunk and stuck it in her mouth and groaned in heartfelt appreciation.'
  8. 'I replied, somewhat curtly, stopping sipping to accentuate my heartfelt disappointment.'
  9. 'To his family and friends, we offer our heartfelt sympathy on their sad loss.'
  10. 'But we locals were also affected by a sense of heartfelt relief that, in turn, led to not a little anger.'


1. deeply or sincerely felt: heartfelt sympathy.

More examples(as adjective)

"sympathies can be heartfelt."

"pleas can be heartfelt."

"condolences can be heartfelt."

"thankses can be heartfelt."

"wishes can be heartfelt."

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