Adjective "heartbreak" definition and examples

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Overwhelming distress.
  1. 'We're looking for comics who are talking about their own experience, their pain, heartbreak or struggle.'
  2. 'It is not a hedge around heartbreak, a quick fix for pain, or a detour through grief.'
  3. 'They get a buzz out of driving fast but the damage they do causes heartbreak and torture for families like ours.'
  4. 'Accidents in general, and those resulting in loss of life in particular, cost a lot of money and a lot of heartbreak.'
  5. 'He was quite simply helping out people he both knew and liked in a time of great distress and heartbreak.'
  6. 'She has suffered heartbreak, both on and off the field, and has come through it all with dignity and strength.'
  7. 'Susan has battled through pain and heartbreak to marry her sweetheart.'
  8. 'Three years of heartbreak and pain has ended for a Rochdale woman with the birth of a baby boy.'
  9. 'You know one day you'll pay in tears and heartbreak for the joy you're experiencing now.'
  10. 'A devastated mother today spoke of her heartbreak after losing three sons in tragic circumstances.'

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1. great sorrow, grief, or anguish.