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A slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles.
  1. in singular 'there was a thick haze on this October morning'
  2. 'A reading might indicate little or no cloud cover, but haze or fog may have been present.'
  3. 'The aerosols and particles in the haze are affecting rainfall.'
  4. 'In winter high levels of haze are common.'
  5. 'These pictures were fuzzy because of the dense haze of the moon's atmosphere.'
  6. 'One problem you will encounter at high altitudes is an excess of ultraviolet light, which results in atmospheric haze.'
  7. 'Darkness and haze can obscure the visual cues we need to maintain orientation.'
  8. 'Conditions were perfect - dry, bright and with just enough haze to give the countryside an atmospheric glow.'
  9. 'Through the slight early morning haze, I could make out taller buildings to the left.'
  10. 'Dusk was setting in, and the horizon completely was obscured in haze.'
  11. 'The haze is caused by high concentrations of small particles known as aerosols that are usually less than a few micrometers in diameter.'
  12. 'He said southerly winds were expected to clear the skies overnight, although problems with smoke haze may continue.'
  13. 'I return to the shrine and edge towards the Brahma statue, the sweet incense smoke creating a haze around it.'
  14. 'Steam rose all around her, and at once she was lost in a world of haze and mist.'
  15. 'It is midnight, and we are sitting in a delicious yellow haze of tobacco smoke.'
  16. 'The thick haze of pollution is highly visible against the hills.'
  17. 'Day after day the landscape rolled by: three states covered in blankets of smoke and haze.'
  18. 'A thick, dusty haze settled over the glade in the wake of the blast.'
  19. 'At dusk, the sun sinks, blood red, through the haze of industrial smoke.'
  20. 'The haze of smoke from cars hangs heavily around the suburbs.'
  21. 'A haze of smoke rose gently from a huddle of dwellings near a winding river.'
A state of mental confusion.
  1. 'It was all an alcohol-induced haze at that stage.'
  2. 'He felt disconnected from his body, soaring into a haze of delirium.'
  3. 'Although he had been told not to drink, a man was found propped up against a tree in an alcoholic haze.'
  4. 'The alcoholic haze was starting to wear off a little and she could feel her temper rising.'
  5. 'I have never passed out in a drunken haze on the dance floor of a trendy New York club.'
  6. 'In a groggy haze, I descended the steep narrow staircase.'
  7. 'Trapped within a haze of madness, I did not respond as he ordered me to my feet.'
  8. 'He spent the next dozen years making records and playing concerts in an alcoholic haze, drinking a bottle of brandy a day.'
  9. 'The rest of the evening passed away in a haze of confusion.'
  10. 'Tired commuters pass you in a haze, or daze.'


Obscure with a haze.
  1. 'He was a thin, short man, with an acne-pocked face and observant brown eyes hazed with green.'
  2. 'Almost every major assignment he has had turns out to have been hazed over with clouds of scandal.'
  3. 'After a long moment, she finally pulled away, her green eyes hazed with pleasure.'


Force (a new or potential recruit to the military or a university fraternity) to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks.
  1. 'It used to be that veterans hazed rookies by making them sing their school songs.'
  2. 'Candidates are not harassed, hazed, or otherwise coerced into quitting at any time.'
  3. 'True, just about every university in the world hazed its freshmen.'
  4. 'Maybe we should start sending over these guys who've hazed in fraternities.'
  5. 'Unbeknownst to him, the mean frat boy jackasses are hazing him something fierce, for their own amusement.'
Drive (cattle) while on horseback.
  1. 'Montana has ramped up its annual plan of hazing, capturing and slaughtering bison that leave the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.'
  2. 'They sign onto the Interagency Bison Management Plan, which continues the hazing, testing, and slaughter of bison.'

More definitions

1. an aggregation in the atmosphere of very fine, widely dispersed, solid or liquid particles, or both, giving the air an opalescent appearance that subdues colors.

2. vagueness or obscurity, as of the mind or perception; confused or vague thoughts, feelings, etc.: The victims were still in a haze and couldn't describe the accident. verb (used with or without object), hazed, hazing.

3. to make or become hazy.

More examples(as adjective)

"lines can be hazed."


(haze)Late 17th century (originally Scots and dialect in the sense ‘frighten, scold, or beat’): perhaps related to obsolete French haser ‘tease or insult’.