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Erratic; out of control.
  1. 'With my senses haywire and out of control I had no way of detecting real danger.'
  2. 'These are the electricity and telecommunication networks gone haywire.'
  3. 'If the staff are unhappy then production falls, morale is low and things go haywire.'
  4. 'I felt my self control go haywire and my hand began to twitch uncontrollably.'
  5. 'All those Eastern flavours and spices send your palate haywire, making wine pairing a little more challenging.'
  6. 'Harassed operators patiently listen to complaints about cancelled reservations or travel plans gone haywire.'
  7. 'But it is most likely that people have stopped buying hip-hop because the genre's quality control has gone haywire.'
  8. 'I maintained a good front but my internal monologue was going haywire.'
  9. 'I expect quality, although I do understand that things get haywire sometimes working with computers.'
  10. 'My emotions still seem to be going haywire.'


1. wire used to bind bales of hay. adjective, Informal.

2. in disorder: The town is haywire because of the bus strike.

3. out of control; disordered; crazy: The car went haywire. He's been haywire since he got the bad news.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be haywire in partisanships."

"people can be haywire."

"economists can be haywire."

"computers can be haywire."

"markets can be haywire."

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1920s (originally US): from hay + wire, from the use of hay-baling wire in makeshift repairs.