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Grass seed obtained from hay.
    A person from the country, especially one who is simple and unsophisticated.
    1. 'The movie opens with childhood friends Rafe and Danny pretending to be pilots, to the dismay of Danny's hayseed father.'
    2. 'This was once the home of every hayseed with a goofy hat, a guitar, and a dream.'
    3. 'There is some sort of derision of the farming community as a bunch of hayseeds.'
    4. 'Daniel decides, on the spur of the moment, to marry a daffy little blonde hayseed named Bonnie Dee Peacock.'
    5. 'Mary's father was a violent hayseed.'
    6. 'This confederation of hayseeds took control of North Dakota after World War I.'
    7. 'No matter how good he is at playing a hayseed, he should start getting a little nervous about being typecast.'
    8. 'Just because he made his millions hunting for Texas crude hardly means he's a hayseed.'
    9. 'That Turturro can be convincing both as a Russian chess master and a Mississippi hayseed is a testament to his versatility as a performer.'
    10. 'TV has yet to yield a Canadian urban aesthetic that broadly appeals to all us former hayseeds who are drawn to urban hubs.'

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    1. grass seed, especially that shaken out of hay.

    2. small bits of the chaff, straw, etc., of hay.

    3. an unsophisticated person from a rural area; yokel; hick.

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    "cousins can be hayseed."