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Grass that has been mown and dried for use as fodder.
  1. 'The fruit is kept in a room for a day after harvest and thereafter, it is wrapped between layers of straw, grass, hay or paper.'
  2. 'You also could mix grain or chopped hay with freshly chopped corn to lower the moisture content.'
  3. 'Tractors cannot be used on land to convey fodder to feeding sites and farmers have to carry in hay or silage on their backs.'
  4. 'Legume hay (such as alfalfa) typically has a greater calcium content than grass hay.'
  5. 'Here we plant a mixture of alfalfa and timothy, or alfalfa and orchard grass, as hay for horses or dairy cows.'
  6. 'Some grass is grown on the farm for hay or silage, together with swede, turnip or kale for winter forage.'
  7. 'Several producers have cut soybeans for hay or silage.'
  8. 'Most producers had moved cattle to pastures, with hay supplies very short.'
  9. 'Thousands of acres of corn and hay are planted each year for cattle to eat.'
  10. 'The Wilsons feed the hogs corn, barley, oats and hay grown on their farm.'


(of grass, etc.) dry while standing.
  1. 'the hayed-off growth is eaten through the winter'
  2. 'Since his field had been hayed off, the plow took up his days.'
  3. 'His cattle won't get fat until the grass has hayed off in late summer.'


A country dance with interweaving steps similar to a reel.
  1. 'One of the most pleasing movements in country-dancing is what they call ‘the hay’.'

More definitions

1. grass, clover, alfalfa, etc., cut and dried for use as forage.

2. grass mowed or intended for mowing.

3. Slang. a small sum of money: Twenty dollars an hour for doing very little certainly ain't hay. money: A thousand dollars for a day's work is a lot of hay!

4. Slang. marijuana. verb (used with object)

5. to convert (plant material) into hay.

6. to furnish (horses, cows, etc.) with hay. verb (used without object)

7. to cut grass, clover, or the like, and store for

More examples(as adjective)

"elevators can be hay."


Early 16th century: from an obsolete sense ‘a kind of dance’ of French haie ‘hedge’, figuratively ‘row of people lining the route of a procession’.


hit the hay
make hay (while the sun shines)