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A small tropical sea turtle with hooked jaws and overlapping horny plates on the shell, the traditional source of tortoiseshell.
  1. 'On many nights, endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles crawl onto the beach to lay their eggs.'
  2. 'Green and hawksbill turtles use the beaches for nesting, and the resort has a small hatchery.'
  3. 'At the end of the wall we inadvertently disturbed a hawksbill turtle resting among the fronds of a soft coral.'
  4. 'Two of the beaches have evidence of more than 100 nesting pits each and appear to be especially important for hawksbills.'
  5. 'There are two species of sea turtles that mate and nest in the Gulf: the hawksbill and the green turtle, both endangered species.'
  6. 'One time I come across one of numerous hawksbill turtles feeding undisturbed on the reef.'
  7. 'They might decide to visit the Turtle Island park, a famous breeding ground for green and hawksbill turtles.'
  8. 'When conditions are really harsh and the diving itinerary allows only beach diving, there is a good chance of seeing hawksbill turtles on the east coast.'
  9. 'Turtles, green and hawksbill, still browse among the sponges and coral of the reefs.'
  10. 'Another reason for arriving at night and stepping very carefully is that you might encounter a leatherback or hawksbill turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs.'

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1. a sea turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata, the shell of which is the source of tortoise shell: an endangered species.

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"turtles can be hawksbill."

"populations can be hawksbill."

"fish can be hawksbill."

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