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  1. 'He is enormous, with a caveman's backward-sloping brow, a hawklike proboscis, and a lumbering walk.'
  2. 'Never one for preamble, Vaughn's heavy features were hawklike with concentration.'


1. any of numerous birds of prey of the family Accipitridae, having a short, hooked beak, broad wings, and curved talons, often seen circling or swooping at low altitudes.

2. any of several similar, unrelated birds, as the nighthawk.

3. Informal. a person who preys on others, as a sharper.

4. Also called war hawk. Informal. a person, especially one in public office, who advocates war or a belligerent national attitude.Compare dove1 (def 5).

5. any person who pursues an aggressi

More examples(as adjective)

"features can be hawklike."

"profiles can be hawklike."

"noses can be hawklike."

"faces can be hawklike."