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Resembling a hawk in nature or appearance.
  1. 'They have hawkish noses, receding chins and luxuriant mullets that fall to their jeans.'
  2. 'He had a hawkish nose, a feature that marred his otherwise handsome face.'
  3. 'It's an unglamorous performance and the director makes full use of her hard, hawkish features.'
  4. 'His hawkish features narrowed as they studied me.'
  5. 'He leaned forward, his sharp, hawkish nose looking almost absurdly dangerous.'
  6. 'His nose was hawkish but it suited him, as did the high cheekbones and cynical quirk of his mouth.'
Advocating an aggressive or warlike policy, especially in foreign affairs.
  1. 'What I find illuminating - and, frankly, horrifying - is that there are people for whom he is not hawkish enough.'
  2. 'After the cold war, leaders who had been brought up on a diet of protest and peace marches became the most hawkish political generation yet.'
  3. 'The new cabinet has something of a hawkish feel to it.'
  4. 'Even in hawkish circles, the closer war has come, the less enthusiasm there seems to be for it.'
  5. 'He needs support within the army, and many senior generals are hawkish.'
  6. 'He became known for his hawkish views against the Soviet Union.'
  7. 'If anything, the Democrats have the more hawkish record on foreign policy.'
  8. 'Some began a move to the right, to an even harder and more hawkish anticommunism.'
  9. 'Though hawkish himself, he is regarded as pragmatic in his approach.'
  10. 'I'm probably the most hawkish person I know on the subject.'


1. resembling a hawk, as in appearance or behavior.

2. advocating war or a belligerently threatening diplomatic policy.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be hawkish on inflations."

"banks can be hawkish on inflations."

"governors can be hawkish in remarks."

"editions can be hawkish on affairs."

"comments can be hawkish."

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