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  1. 'Confessing her dire situation to a friend at a tea salon, Susan remains gloved and hatted, barely moving even the muscles in her face.'
  2. 'Kohl eyed and top hatted, he pouts and preens around the stage to the obvious delight of many of the younger females in attendance.'
  3. 'When a group of hard - hatted builders discovered a stash of Scotsman ties in a cupboard they wasted no time in sprucing up their appearance.'
  4. 'Westerns were fine too, as they were about tough men in white hats thumping bad men in black hats, or both types of hatted men shooting Indians.'
  5. 'York Racecourse was packed with racing fans, from the smartly-suited and hatted brigade to the picnicking families out for the afternoon.'
  6. 'She smiled, thinking of the hard hatted woman who must have written it there.'
  7. 'It becomes more and more curious when, in returning the Monet to the museum, Crown dresses as Magritte's hatted gentleman.'
  8. 'A woman was smiling up at me, and I recalled vaguely now having noticed a hatted lady in a wheelchair coming towards me on the sidewalk.'
  9. 'Mat could see her through the door glass, standing with her hand on the knob as the clutch of booted and hatted pursuers came up the porch steps.'
  10. 'Let's assume, for the moment, that there is this breed of hatted criminal that can be foiled by a ban on hats.'


1. a shaped covering for the head, usually with a crown and brim, especially for wear outdoors.

2. Roman Catholic Church. the distinctive head covering of a cardinal. the office or dignity of a cardinal.Compare red hat. verb (used with object), hatted, hatting.

3. to provide with a hat; put a hat on. Idioms

4. hat in hand, humbly; respectfully: He approached the boss, hat in hand.

5. pass the hat, to ask for contributions of money, as for charity; take up a collection: The l

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"shapes can be hatted."

"respects can be hatted."

"mothers can be hatted."

"heads can be hatted."

"gatemans can be hatted."

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