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Arousing, deserving of, or filled with hatred.
  1. 'Even more startling was the cynical, even hateful, tone of many of the letters.'
  2. 'He is half-Indian and a hateful, evil criminal who steals and murders without a thought.'
  3. 'Mark Latham's bitter and hateful rantings will not destroy dad's legacy or service to Australia.'
  4. 'Your obscene actions only show who you are, that you are a hateful person and that you deserve no one and no friends.'
  5. 'If the reader is intolerant, hateful, or oppressive, so will be the interpretation of the text.'
  6. 'This was the ugly face of militant Christianity: intolerant, bigoted and hateful.'
  7. 'The government's hateful message to migrants and refugees contrasts shamefully with its attitude to the oil companies.'
  8. 'We punish because the criminal act was loathsome and the criminal himself hateful.'
  9. 'Yet on Saturday I was faced with some of the most vitriolic and hateful abuse you can imagine for actually calling something right.'
  10. 'Clark called the remarks hateful and ignorant, and said there can be no excuse for such comments.'
  11. 'She was no longer a hateful mess of classroom errors.'
  12. 'Why have you dressed me up in these hateful clothes?'


1. arousing hate or deserving to be hated: the hateful oppression of dictators.

2. unpleasant; dislikable; distasteful: She found her domestic chores hateful.

3. full of or expressing hate; malignant; malevolent: a hateful denunciatory speech.

More examples(as adjective)

"loves can be hateful to people."

"ideas can be hateful to people."

"homes can be hateful to people."

"people can be hateful."

"places can be hateful."

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